The work performed by dock schedulers is mission-critical, with the potential to make or break timelines, and contain or incur costs. Timely and reliable dock scheduling is crucial to the marine supply chain’s efficiency and requires dock schedulers to manage and continuously monitor activity at the berth tightly.

With a dynamic workspace that facilitates more effective and efficient berth scheduling workflows while providing full visibility into current activities, the Veson IMOS Platform powerfully enables dock schedulers to prevent costly back-ups and maximize operational agility.

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View all of your unallocated bookings and activities.

Ensuring each site is prepared to receive cargo when it arrives requires dock schedulers to gain an up-to-date view of unallocated bookings and activities based on changing voyage ETAs. The VIP berth scheduling workspace provides at-a-glance visibility into unallocated bookings and activities, as well as the ability to drill-down into specific information that can be used to appropriately plan personnel, equipment, inspections, purging, and more.

Platform Highlights
  • Ensure your bookings list is up-to-date with integrated voyage data and ETAs.
  • View unallocated bookings and activities instantly, at-a-glance.
  • Drill down for specific information about personnel, equipment, inspections, purging, and more.
  • Estimate laytime for each booking.

Berth Scheduling Use Case

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View Unallocated Illustration

Allocate the right cargoes to the right berths.

With unallocated bookings in view, dock schedulers are tasked with composing optimal berth schedules and assigning bookings to the appropriate berths based on their unique vessel, cargo, and voyage requirements. With VIP, dock schedulers can readily drag and drop cargoes to the appropriate berths while visualizing current and planned activities in an intuitive Gantt Chart. Requirements like vessel size are considered automatically, mitigating back-ups due to incompatible vessel-berth combinations.

Platform Highlights
  • Save valuable time with an intuitive, drag-and-drop workspace.
  • Visualize current and planned activities in a visual Gantt Chart.
  • Prevent avoidable back-ups by automatically considering vessel size with built-in validation.

Berth Scheduling Brochure

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Brochure: VIP Berth Scheduling

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Maintain real-time visibility into berth activity at all times.

During the berth scheduling process, each activity is assigned an estimated time based on specific business rules. But the berth is a dynamic environment where things don’t always go as planned. VIP empowers berth workers to record activity start times and delays in a standardized way—whether due to weather, equipment, or another unforeseen circumstance. This facilitates a close connection between the berth and the back office and enables analysis of estimated to actual variances.

Platform Highlights
  • Define estimated activity times based on your business rules.
  • Record actual activity times in a standardized way, with built-in validation for required actions.
  • See a ‘Live’ View of what is happening at the berth at all times.
  • Identify the activities responsible for delays by comparing estimated vs. actual activity times.

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Maintain Real Time Visibility Illustration

Measure the metrics that mean the most.

Key to the success of the berth scheduling function is the ability to empower each and every stakeholder with the insights they need to eliminate data gaps, anticipate obstacles, assess effectiveness, and work more efficiently. VIP delivers powerful built-in analytics using a combination of native platform and integrated ETRM data. Using a fully configurable report designer, decision-makers can compile reports on a broad range of functional and  strategic metrics—from end of shift updates to activity times and variances, laytimes and variances, and more.

Dock Scheduler Measure Metrics

Platform Highlights

Access relevant analyses and reports, including:

  • End of Shift Updates
  • Activity Times & Variances
  • Laytimes & Variances
  • And more…

Analytics Brochure

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Brochure: VIP Analytics

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Measure Metrics Illustration

Real insights from dock schedulers like you.

Site Operator Quote

Effective berth scheduling and rotation requires precise balance of many intricate variables, but the vast majority of berth schedulers and marine planners are currently trying to manage these variables through manual processes. VIP’s new Berth Scheduling module, combined with the full suite of solutions on VIP, helps to solve these issues.

– Josh Luby, Senior Project Manager, Veson Nautical

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