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Continuously monitoring supply and demand, the production planning function is focused on coordinating the input and output plant runs needed to keep production moving. The seaborne supply chain is the primary means by which these inputs and outputs are transported. In order to ensure business requirements are met, production planners require streamlined workflows, standardized communications with marine stakeholders, and complete visibility over cargo movements.

Through one centralized workspace, VIP empowers production planners to clearly specify and centrally manage their production orders while maintaining full continuity between their site and the seaborne supply chain.

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Specify your requirements to marine supply chain stakeholders.

Whether you’re purchasing raw materials to keep production lines moving, sending feed stocks to another site, or selling product to a third party, VIP enables you to efficiently create standardized VC Ins, then manage them in one centralized location. Specify all of your requirements before marine logistics plans the voyage, including cargo amount, company or production site, load date, trade area, vessel type, and whether the movement is a stock transfer, trade, or purchase order.

Platform Highlights
  • Easily create VC Ins for STOs, Trades, and Purchase Orders in an efficient and standardized way.
  • Specify important details about cargo, company or site, date, vessel, and more.
  • Enable the maritime logistics function to nominate the right voyage for each movement. 

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Plan inventory months ahead of time.

As production planners monitor the flow of stocks from plant to plant, they often encounter patterns that allow them to plan months ahead. VIP enables production planners to rapidly duplicate previous cargo movements and proactively plan for future inputs and outputs, specifying each movement’s status to ensure the marine logistics function gains access only when the VC In is ready for nominations.

Platform Highlights
  • Skip the manual creation of VC Ins by copying previous cargo movements.
  • Move VC Ins from private inquiries to opportunities when they are ready for the marine function.
  • See all of your upcoming VC Ins in one place.

Transforming Seaborne Supply Chain Infographic

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Manage production orders through the planning process.

As the marine logistics function takes over the planning process, nominating the appropriate vessel for each VC In, production planners can maintain visibility. In the same familiar workspace, production planners can view status updates on each and every movement throughout the planning process, before a marine shipment commences.

Platform Highlights
  • Maintain visibility over VC Ins as a voyage is nominated.
  • Ensure continuity between marine logistics and production planning functions.
  • Configure different views workspaces to see what has been scheduled, what is in progress, and what is en route.

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Keep tabs on your cargo, no matter where it is and no matter where you are.

The production planner’s job doesn’t end with the creation of the VC In. As cargo moves to and from the production site, the production planner must maintain constant visibility to ensure the site is prepared to receive or send out cargo without delay. Through VIP’s integrated workflow and flexible cloud-based architecture, production planners can see where cargo is as it moves across the ocean—no matter where they are.

Platform Highlights
  • View cargo status at all times with centralized visibility.
  • Ensure anytime, anywhere access with an Internet connection and a standard web browser
  • Eliminate data gaps with one, continuous workflow.

Moving To The Cloud Guide

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Real insights from production planning professionals like you.

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In the future, you need to work smarter. VIP’s Integrations do exactly that by enabling us to work in a smarter, simpler, and more efficient manner.

–Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology & Digital Strategy, Western Bulk

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