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Veson Nautical Announces New Platform Brand Name

Evolved Branding Reflects Maritime Software Leader’s Commitment to Innovation

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About Veson Nautical

Founded to transform the way the maritime world works and makes decisions, Veson is the global market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce. Driven by a commitment to continual innovation, a spirit of collaboration, and an enduring focus on customer success, Veson is a trusted partner to maritime operations as they navigate evolving business realities and new possibilities in a digital age.

February 27, 2020 – Boston, MA, USA Veson Nautical, the leading provider of commercial maritime solutions, today announced a brand name evolution for its end-to-end cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management. The solution, formerly known as the Veslink IMOS Platform, has been rebranded as the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP), introducing a new logo and associated brand visuals. Alongside this Platform rebrand, Veson Nautical has refreshed its corporate logo and visual assets as well.

“As our platform’s capabilities continue to evolve, so too must our brand,” commented Jere Richardson, Chief Commercial Officer at Veson Nautical. “We pride ourselves on providing one platform that addresses the core business needs for the world’s leading buyers and sellers of marine freight. By situating our product firmly within the Veson brand name, we more accurately represent our solution, and eliminate complexity within our product suite.”

Despite the name change, the Veson IMOS Platform’s functionality remains consistent. Built on the business logic that has run the world’s leading maritime operations for nearly two decades, VIP empowers maritime stakeholders with the data and tools needed to make better decisions, with greater agility than ever before. The innovative solution pairs proven capabilities with a dynamic, cloud-based architecture that supports the global accessibility, advanced data sharing, and seamless integration required by today’s increasingly connected maritime landscape.

“Our vision has always been to be the standard platform that propels maritime commerce,” commented John Veson, Founder and CEO of Veson Nautical. “To bring that vision to fruition, we must embrace change and innovation. As our team continues to grow and our platform continues to advance, we are proud to evolve our corporate and product brands as a visual representation of positive change.”
“We are committed to finding new ways to enhance the value that has become synonymous with the Veson name over the past 17 years,” continued Veson, “and look forward to serving our clients now and in the future with the Veson IMOS Platform.”

The new brand and associated elements are effective as of February 27.


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