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Veson Nautical Releases New Schedule Optimizer Module

Introduces comprehensive cloud solution to better manage historical data

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Founded to transform the way the maritime world works and makes decisions, Veson is the global market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce. Driven by a commitment to continual innovation, a spirit of collaboration, and an enduring focus on customer success, Veson is a trusted partner to maritime operations as they navigate evolving business realities and new possibilities in a digital age.

July 21, 2020 – BOSTON, MA – Today, global market leader for commercial maritime software Veson Nautical formally launched VIP Schedule Optimizer, the newest module of its innovative cloud solution, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).  One of VIP’s optional Industry Solutions, Schedule Optimizer offers a proprietary scheduling algorithm which generates optimized scenarios for consideration based on two key user-prioritized target results: percent of laycans met and TCE of the voyage scenario. The module was first announced at Veson’s ONCOURSE user conference, which took place virtually last month.

“The Veson IMOS Platform already houses all the contractual information necessary to feed into an optimization algorithm, such as CP quantities, vessel capacity and class, port restrictions, and more,” commented Josh Luby, Product Manager at Veson Nautical. “The operational information that sits at the core of VIP updates in real time, which ensures the results produced by VIP Schedule Optimizer reflect the most accurate information, adjusting for any delays or adjusted performance.”

VIP Schedule Optimizer is designed to improve the historically manual process of voyage schedule optimization via an innovative digital solution. Rather than spend hours matching cargoes to vessels, schedulers with Veson’s newest module can run all information from their cargo book and open vessel position list through an algorithmic optimization engine, which returns the best potential plan for each pairing in one click – freeing up time to focus on value-added analysis and other tasks.

“Schedulers manage multiple vessels and cargoes and are continuously balancing sensitive variables; often the best fit today is not the best fit tomorrow – or even the best fit in a few hours,” commented Eric Christofferson, CPO at Veson Nautical. “VIP Schedule Optimizer adds accuracy and simplicity to the process, intelligently matching cargoes and vessels basis key parameters to target specific results – including laycan percentage and TCE – and present optimized scheduling scenarios for consideration at the push of a button.”

VIP Schedule Optimizer joins 17 other modules on the Veson IMOS Platform as an optional Industry Solution in the market-leading end-to-end system. The module is available today.

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