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The platform and partner you need to achieve new continuity, context, and commercial maritime shipping success.

As a long-tenured leader and innovative force in the maritime shipping ecosystem, the Veson IMOS Platform delivers a connected suite of purpose-built solutions that satisfy the unique needs of individual stakeholders while stewarding the flow of information across the entire commercial workflow. Explore these challenges to learn how VIP can add value to your business.

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Are there information gaps weighing down your commercial workflow?

Establish a single source of truth.

Continuity between workflow stages and stakeholders is integral to maximizing commercial agility and profitability. VIP eliminates knowledge gaps between Chartering, Operations, and Financials as contract information instantly and automatically flows across functions and stages of the voyage lifecycle.

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Do you struggle to maintain an up-to-date understanding of profit and loss?

Build a real-time understanding of your business.

Every decision in the maritime world has vast, rippling effects on the P&L. VIP’s dynamic P&L updates in real time, ensuring that stakeholders throughout the entire workflow understand the impact of every decision and activity on voyage and fleet-wide profitability.

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Can you truly harness your data to make the big decisions?

Capitalize on the full power of your data.

The enemy of data-driven decision-making lies in inconsistency and inaccessibility. With standardized forms and built-in data validation, VIP empowers maritime shipping professionals with consistent voyage data spanning the entire voyage lifecycle that can be used to make better decisions.

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Are your stakeholders struggling with manual processes?

Enable cross-functional efficiency.

Daily processes within voyage accounting and operations require accurate data and automation in order to move efficiently. VIP enables financial professionals to centrally raise and manage a diverse range of invoices while supporting operators through dynamic tasks and alerts.

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Have you invested in maritime shipping’s digital future?

Position your digital strategy for success.

Pervasive, industry-wide challenges like sustainability, risk management, and regulatory compliance can be powerfully addressed through a platform and partner that are committed to continual innovation. VIP releases new capabilities on a rolling basis to keep your business ever-ahead.

Tmb Eagle Bulk Success Story

Discover how Eagle Bulk enhanced connectivity and efficiency with VIP.

The solutions you need to achieve the optimization you desire.

Our comprehensive solutions are capable of transforming every part of your seaborne supply chain.

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Marine contract management and execution.

Transform your seaborne supply chain with a suite of connected solutions to handle every part of the workflow.

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Data analytics and insights.

Access high-integrity commodity insights in an intuitive, web-based interface to strengthen decision making.

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Vessel and voyage information management.

Elevate information management and streamline operational workflows with dynamic software solutions.

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Your stakeholders, empowered like never before.

Wondering how VIP can make life easier for stakeholders throughout your commercial maritime shipping business and beyond? Choose the user journey for you.

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Execute contracts created by chartering and centrally manage every last voyage and vessel deal at the scale and speed of your business.

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Fix profitable voyages, evaluate ongoing opportunities, adapt to market shifts, and actively move contracts to Operators for execution.

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Generate accurate invoices, accelerate monthly close, and keep upper management informed of performance.

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Embrace digitally-enabled workflows, empower everyday users, and drive new competitive advantages.


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