Chinsay + Veson Platform Partner Integration

Chinsay’s Intelligent Contract Platform for Freight, ICP.Freight, digitalizes the process of creating, validating, archiving, and sharing commodity & freight contracts, helping maritime organizations improve contract risk management, automate contracts processes, and remain compliant. With this Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) –ICP.Frieght integration, mutual clients can seamlessly port data from contract terms within ICP.Freight into VIP to manage the voyage with greater insight and efficiency.

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Fast Facts

  • Platform Partner Since 2021

  • Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Focused on Charter Party Documentation

  • Founded in 2000

Veson - Chinsay Integration Veson Partner Network

Freight Tech Integration Enables Voyage Data Flow

Chinsay and Veson Nautical, leading technology companies in the shipping and bulk commodity industries, are announcing today their new strategic collaboration, which will result in the integration of their two systems, ICP.Freight (Intelligent Contract Platform for Freight) and VIP (Veson IMOS Platform).

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How We Work Together for You

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Unlock the value in your contracts.

Chinsay’s intelligent contract platform, ICP.Freight, captures contract data and transforms it into actionable information for document generation, smart contracts, electronic documentation, industry collaboration, and post-trade efficiencies through digitalization.

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Synchronize your pre-fixture workflows.

The ICP.Freight–Veson IMOS Platform integration enables mutual clients to benefit from a simplified and streamlined pre-fixture workflow, eliminating error- and delay-prone rekeying efforts and strengthening the integrity of contract terms while reducing operational risk.

Icon Enabling Stronger Continuity
Unlock greater value within VIP. 

Mutual clients can perform a voyage estimate in VIP before committing to a contract negotiation, evaluate a new opportunity, and then feed that data into ICP.Freight once a profitable deal has been identified. Alternatively, clients can easily flow contract terms from ICP.Freight into VIP to manage the voyage as desired.

“Our partnership with Veson builds on our vision of a seamlessly interoperating freight ecosystem built of best-of-breed technology, providing maximum value with minimal effort from clients. The collaboration is an important milestone for the industry, with two leading technologies working together with clients to bring greater efficiency to the market by introducing new ways of working.”

Colin Hayward, CEO of Chinsay

“By forming strategic partnerships with fellow innovators in the industry, such as Chinsay, we can empower our respective client communities with deep, data-driven connectivity to reduce manual processes, unlock powerful insights, and achieve true continuity across their entire organizational workflow.”

—Jere Richardson, Chief Commercial Officer, Veson Nautical

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