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Aim to minimize fuel costs with centralized visibility and control.

Mitigate and manage fuel costs with a dedicated workflow for bunker procurement, bunker price tracking, data-backed negotiations, and enhanced communications. It’s all part of Bunkering with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Take control of fleet fuel costs.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Bunkering module enables bunker management desks to improve process efficiency, enhance visibility, negotiate more effectively, and reduce fuel expenses through a robust, specialized workspace.

With VIP Bunkering, you can:

Enhance the efficiency of bunker procurement with a purpose-built workflow.

Negotiate with confidence thanks to data-backed information.

Mitigate fuel costs in one platform that offers industry-leading tools and visibility.

Drive effective communication between your bunker desk and vessels.

Access the information and tools you need from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need to manage bunker procurement and mitigate fuel costs.

Here’s some of what VIP Bunkering can do.

Specialized Capabilities

Improve process efficiency.

VIP Bunkering enables your bunker procurement desk to work more efficiently through a dedicated workflow that tracks the status of stem requirements, quantity requests, and integrated alerts.

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Informed Negotiations

Negotiate the best possible deals.

With a comprehensive historical bunker price tracking and the ability to interface directly with bunker vendors and service providers, VIP Bunkering empowers you to improve your negotiating position and secure the best possible deals.

Enhanced Communication

Bring your bunker desk and vessels closer together.

With complete workflows for bunker estimates, price inquiries, requests, purchases, and more, VIP Bunkering streamlines communications between your bunker desk and vessels and enables you to improve accuracy and drive optimal purchase decisions.

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Bunkering Quote

Since bunkers have a tremendous impact on profitability and pay out, being able to respond in real time is a huge benefit. We will continue to work with Veson to use information in the smartest possible way.

–Jesper Mortensen, Chartering Manager, Hafnia Management A/S

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