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Bring context to every freight and voyage claim.

Bring increased visibility and contextual advantage to the voyage claims management process with comprehensive tracking and alerts, integrated laytime calculations, and superior documentation. It’s all part of Claims with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Enabling you to address every claim opportunity.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Claims module empowers claims desks to achieve unrivaled visibility into claim windows, accurately perform maritime demurrage management, and support more effective negotiations in one, centralized workspace.

With VIP Claims, you can:

Address every claim opportunity with support for the full range of claims types.

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of complex demurrage calculations.

Negotiate more effectively with superior documentation.

Collaborate and communicate with teammates in one, centralized workspace.

Manage the freight and voyage claims management process from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need to manage demurrage and claims.

Here’s some of what VIP Claims can do.

Tracking & Alerts

Enabling you to address every claim opportunity.

Tracking & Alerts in VIP Claims provides a central workspace that supports laytime, hull and machinery, cargo damage, P&L, and other claims types, enabling you to achieve complete visibility into freight and voyage claim windows and address every claim opportunity.

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Laytime Calculator Screenshot

Laytime Calculator

Automate the management of demurrage.

The laytime calculation software in VIP Claims allows you to calculate demurrage with precision and automate review and invoicing to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of internal procedures and processes.

Superior Documentation

Documentation to empower deal-making.

Equipped with superior documentation, VIP Claims tracks, stores, and organizes all supporting events and communications, empowering you to enhance your negotiating position through contextual advantage.

Superior Documentation Screenshot
Minimize Operational Cost Quote

Thanks to Veson, we’ve saved the cost of hiring an extra person. Enhanced tracking has helped us receive significant additional claims. We now have more visibility into our voyage ETAs, which allows us to minimize operational costs.

–Gary Ashton, Shipping and Trading Manager, Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (AUSTREX)

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