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Take command of your operational maritime workflow.

Optimize voyage management with robust voyage planning, a dynamic P&L, centralized voyage instructions, and integrated tasks and alerts. It’s all part of Operations with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Manage and adapt to every detail, faster than ever.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Operations module delivers operators a comprehensive suite of tools for maritime operations and voyage management that enable them to dynamically monitor, manage, and optimize the many complexities of voyage performance.

With VIP Operations, you can:

Access timely voyage performance data at every stage of the voyage lifecycle.

Quantify estimated and actual variance and pinpoint its drivers to safeguard profitability.

Establish one, integrated operational workflow and a single source of truth.

Centrally create and distribute detailed voyage instructions.

Take decisive action to improve future results with historical performance data.

Access the insights and tools you need from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need to optimize your voyage operations.

Here’s some of what VIP Operations can do.

Commercial Voyage Management

Gain timely insight into every last detail.

Commercial Voyage Management in VIP Operations provides everything you need to optimize all voyage activities and make informed decisions at the pace of business, including detailed visibility into itinerary and cargo details, voyage instructions, vessel performance, and bunker inventory.

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Dynamic P&L

Manage P&L in an automated way.

Dynamic P&L in VIP Operations enables you to measure and manage your financial position at all times with a full, detailed P&L that updates with each vessel action and operator decision to reveal the drivers of estimate-to-actual variances and safeguard expected revenues.

Tasks & Alerts

Advance your collective knowledge.

Tasks & Alerts in VIP Operations empowers your entire workflow by building upon your complete voyage history and institutional knowledge to ensure that your maritime operations team learns from past experiences and uncovers new opportunities.

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Voyage Management Solution Quote

In choosing a new voyage management solution, we wanted to achieve one version of truth between our Commercial and Finance teams. With Veson Nautical, we got the solution and the long-term partner we were looking for.

–Svend Erik Nielsen, Business Development Manager, Uni-Tankers A/S

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