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Track your fleet activity using our sophisticated voyage reporting system.

Connect vessels, port agents, and external partners to your voyage workflow in the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP). Gain visibility into fleet performance through a centralized workspace for seamless collection of voyage data through all industry standard forms, including noon reports, statements of facts, and more. Manual data input can be minimized with the aid of contextual data pulled directly from the voyage in VIP, such as current expected bunker status. It’s all part of Voyage Reporting with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Global fleet visibility combined with operational data.

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) Voyage Reporting module equips stakeholders with the business-critical voyage data they need to make informed decisions and optimize business outcomes. Get the bird’s eye view of your Fleet, and drill-down as much as needed for easy access to operational details.

With VIP Voyage Reporting, you can:

Access structured data describing location, ETA, bunker status, fuel consumption, and more.

Automatically process incoming noon reports and save valuable time on data validation.

Standardize, contextualize, and act upon data with customizable voyage report forms.

Optimize business operations with real-time visibility into fleet-wide performance.

Strengthen connections with 3rd-party stakeholders with automatic report forwarding.

Latest available vessel data, fully integrated with your commercial workflow.

Here are some of the VIP Voyage Reporting system capabilities.

Custom Voyage Reporting Forms

Organize structured data collection across your fleet.

Increase operational efficiency by streamlining vessel and voyage data collection through standard vessel and noon report forms. Easily reconfigure form fields as your business and reporting needs evolve.

Custom Vessel Forms Screenshot

Veson Module Screen Shot Voyage Reporting Onboard

Eliminate inefficient manual data entry

Automatically pre-populate forms with Onboard.

Information about the voyage, including bunkers ROB, current port, and voyage leg can be automatically added to the form. When submitting the forms, Vessel Masters immediately receive feedback on the validity of their information, including any discrepancies or issues that should be remediated.

Track Key Data for Sustainability Reporting

Collect and organize data required for decarbonization initiatives and CII reporting

Monitor carbon consumption throughout the voyage by fuel type, accounting for parameters such as vessel speed, cargo transported, and weather conditions. Consumption and fueling data are broken down by voyage leg,  serving to inform vessel operators of any unexpected performance issues.

Veson Module Screen Shot Voyage Reporting Sustainability

Fleet Performance Screenshot

Fleet Performance & Status

Monitor fleet-wide performance.

Track actualized voyage routes against estimates via vessel reports, and cross-check using sophisticated AIS data. Using Voyage Reporting in conjunction with the VIP Fleet Map enables your business to make data-driven decisions that optimize fleet-wide performance.

Report Forwarding & Integration

Reduce duplicate data entry through automatic report sharing.

Automatically route noon reports, statements of facts, and other voyage forms to relevant stakeholders. Share digital noon report data with voyage-specific counterparties using industry-standard messaging formats.

Seemless Data Sharing
Voyage Reporting Quote Img

Voyage Reporting has given us a solid, user-friendly platform to collect and store the data from the reports and also share the information seamlessly both inside and outside our organization. With the ability to create forms ourselves, the system can continue to evolve as our requirements change..

–Nicholas Green, Manager, LNG Operations & HSE, Leif Höegh (U.K.) Limited

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