Energy Majors

With the emergence of renewables and shifting global need, the energy space is changing rapidly. New challenges call for new solutions.

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Solutions for Energy Majors
Multi-Grade Cargoes
Fully define the component grades of petroleum products and track their movements and blends through the marine freight life cycle.
• Granularly capture both the overall group and individual grade specification for every commodity.
• Easily track grades at the BL level throughout each voyage.
• Accurately model your contracts and voyages with support for cargo splits, blends, and parceling.
Gain up-to-the-minute insight into every boat and barge activity, with functionality designed specifically for short sea and tow voyages.
• Manage every step of your voyage with an in-depth Activity Log – a centralized audit of equipment and cargo status.
• Allocate bunker costs using the integrated Bunker Interpolator to track and compare fuel consumption per completed transit leg – by equipment and between equipment owners.
• Account for hire rate differentials when invoicing, based on equipment type and/or geographical area.
Understand and control every aspect of ship-to-ship transfers.
• Capture every relevant data point in a Lightering Master Contract, including lifting information, overtime rate, bunker adjustment, lightering zones, river differential, nomination, and more.
• Provide immediate visibility into cargo status through the integrated Jobs Grid.
• Understand available support options with a comprehensive list from which you can easily view and assign STBLs.
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