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Marked by exceedingly complex contracts and global reach, the commercial management of maritime fleets is no easy task. And yet, success for marine shipping organizations depends upon optimal fleet utilization and precise P&Ls—with no room for an oversight. Technology has the ability to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial fleet management, but not all digital solutions are created equal.

At Veson Nautical, we provide the market’s most trusted and innovative solution for maritime freight and commercial fleet management. The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) pairs market-proven business logic with 500+ new features each year to empower maritime stakeholders to maximize their commercial success on a global scale.

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Maritime professionals use VIP each day; spanning 300+ organizations in 60+ countries.

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The Standard Platform that Propels Maritime Commerce

A Proven Partnership for a Digital Maritime World

Our dynamic platform for freight and fleet management enables a new world of possibilities for ship owners, operators, commodities traders, and tonnage charterers.
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Take Command of your Operational Workflow

Elevate Voyage Management with a Best-in-Class Workspace

The VIP Operations module delivers operators a comprehensive suite of capabilities that enable them to dynamically monitor, manage, and optimize the many complexities of voyage performance. Learn how.
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Intelligently Match Vessels & Cargo

With Schedule Optimizer in the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your scheduling function by intelligently matching vessels and cargo with a proprietary schedule optimization algorithm.
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