A comprehensive view of the marine marketplace for brokers

Hd Position List (for Brokers)

With Position List for Brokers, formerly Q88 Position List, professional brokers can gain seamless access to the highest quality information in a workspace that is specifically designed to address ship broking’s unique complexities. Easily access timely and accurate insight that expands your view of the market, and securely share position lists with your clients and partners from anywhere and at any time.

Looking for intelligence for tanker voyage planning?

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Strengthen your view of the market with Position List’s comprehensive insight.

Icon Enhance Organizational Knowledge

See the full picture

Map tool and ETA calculations to visualize current and historical vessel tracking information

Icon Access Reliable Data

Compare intakes

Integrated intake analysis to compare intakes across multiple vessels on a given draft and product

Icon Tailored Search

Run tailored searches

Multiple views and expanded search criteria that enable tailored insight based on your use case

Icon Grow Your Visibility

Protect your data

Secure user controls to keep data private or share it with specific customers and partners for enhanced collaboration

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“With Q88 we have access to a Position List that is quick, efficient, readable and exportable. […] Q88 Position List is just right for our line of business.”

JB Corey, Oil Tanker Broker | Southport Maritime
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“We have used Q88 Position List since 2017. Before, we used a combination of ways to understand which vessels were available. Using the owners’ positions or standard AIS data we would try to figure out where vessels would be open. With Q88 it is much easier.”

Antonio Quartini, Shipbroker | Italia C&A
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“Part of being a tanker broker is about evolving. Ever since we joined the Q88 Position List community, we have seen the product continue to grow and evolve to meet our changing needs. This is key for success in the years to come.”

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What can you do with Position List for Brokers?

Elevate your market analysis

Rely on Position List’s comprehensive vessel tracking and position data to analyze the market with greater depth and swiftly capitalize on opportunities—especially in challenging high traffic zones.

Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video
Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video

Strengthen efficiency and serve clients better

In addition to accelerating market analysis, use Position List for Brokers to securely share your positions with approved clients and partners—enhancing visibility, agility, and trust.

Anticipate market dynamics 

Use advanced analytics on historical data trends, current market conditions, and future projections to better anticipate market shifts. Advise clients with greater confidence and enhance your competitive edge in an ever-evolving market.

Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video

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