Solving maritime challenges, shaping a more efficient trade

What can Veson Solutions help you achieve?

Address the topics that mean the most…

Maritime shipping is an industry steeped in tradition, which has evolved into an epicenter of constant and rapid change. Our clients rely on Veson’s solutions and data to quickly and decisively address key sources of change and opportunity, including shifting regulations, more complex contracts and operations, decarbonization, and more.

Across bulk commodity segments…

The needs of bulk commodity segments differ greatly, with unique considerations related to contracts, cargoes, safety, regulation, and risk. We couple the powerful IMOS core and our high-integrity data solutions with specific industry modules that are made for more nuanced needs. Learn why leaders in your industry choose Veson.

For all sides of the trade.

Veson solutions are recognized for their clear and quantifiable value by all sides of the trade—from companies profiting from the sale of marine freight, to producers relying on marine freight as a critical link to their supply chain, to the brokers, analysts, and broader financial community that make it all possible.

Want to speak to a maritime technologist?

Veson is home to the largest consulting organization in the maritime shipping world. Reach out today and talk to one of our maritime shipping technologists about your organization’s unique goals.