Proactively manage your maritime freight and fuel risk

Visualize market shifts and their impact on your business

The IMOS Platform’s Trading & Risk module provides risk managers and freight traders the ability to systematically visualize how market shifts affect their freight and bunker positions, properly align contracts, and save valuable time.

With IMOS Trading & Risk, you can:

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Properly align contracts by considering contract commitments and actualized data

Icon Improve Contracting Decisions

Make better decisions by automating complex mark-to-market calculations and testing “what if” scenarios

Icon Strengthen Continuity

Accurately assess voyage results by considering both physical and paper contracts

Icon Optimize Voyage Performance

Measure performance and shape strategic action with robust analyses on exposure

Icon Mitigate Risk Expertise

Manage and mitigate freight and fuel risk from anywhere in the world

Proactively manage your freight and fuel exposure

Dynamic Position Visibility

Dynamic Position Visibility in IMOS Trading & Risk calculates your position and market P&L instantly by automatically combining planned and actual voyage results with external price feeds.

Imos Trading Risk Dynamic Position Visibility 01
Imos Trading Risk Advanced Scenario Planning 01

Advanced Scenario Planning

Advanced Scenario Planning enables you to understand every aspect of your physical and paper freight and fuel trades and their impact on your P&L by applying forecasts, stress tests, and “what if” scenarios.

Comprehensive Pricing & Benchmarking

Comprehensive Pricing & Benchmarking empowers you to systematically benchmark your business against the market to perform effective maritime freight & fuel risk management with full support for index-linked hire and freight-over-variable options and periods, bunker adjustment factors, and embedded derivatives.

Imos Trading Risk Comprehensive Pricing Benchmarking 01
D'amico Shipping Italia S.p.a. [convertito]

“Veson has an incredible tool for risk management. It is better, in a more pertinent way, than the competition to serve our needs. And for the kind of company that we are today, that has been quite important.”

Lorenzo d’Amico | Deputy Manager of Operations
Bertling Decisions Made In Minutes

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