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Milbros is the industry’s most reliable and extensive database of liquid bulk products, with data on cargo, cleaning, safe handling, regulatory compliance, and more. Leading organizations in the chemical and oil tanker space rely on Milbros’ extensive data to make informed decisions that support safe, efficient, and confident cargo handling and operations.

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Enhance safety and efficiency in your organization with the Milbros chemical commodity database.

Icon Access Reliable Data

Access reliable data from anywhere

Continuous access to accurate cargo, cleaning, handling, regulatory, and safety information—whether onshore or onboard

Icon Mitigate Risk Expertise

Mitigate risk with regulatory expertise

Direct connection to cargo handling and regulatory expertise through the IMO/USCG to reduce the risk of contamination and other avoidable incidents

Icon Enhance Organizational Knowledge

Enhance organizational knowledge

Comprehensive institution knowledge on cargo handling and cleaning in support of faster turnaround time and enhanced profitability

Icon Evolving Requirements

Remain ahead of evolving requirements

USCG Compatibility checks including all known exceptions to ensure alignment with evolving regulatory requirements

Milbros Onboard

Norstar Shipping

“I’ve used Milbros for around 10 years now at three different companies before joining Norstar. With Milbros the information is all in one place, at our fingertips in seconds. We look up potential cargoes we may fix, check the specific gravity and cargo restrictions, so that we can quickly figure out stowage and how it might interact with other chemicals we have on board. It is great for checking time estimates for cleaning in order to confirm the timelines we are given by the Captains.”

Operations Leader | Norstar
Norstar Story
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“We find Milbros to be a valuable tool for evaluating the carriage requirements for the many chemical cargoes being quoted in the market. Operators can quickly find all the information needed to determine the proper stowage on board. Milbros is very responsive to cargo questions and they update the data base with new cargoes shortly after the cargoes have been evaluated by the IMO. The system is customizable to suit company requirements and features such as the Booking List and vessel tank plans are very useful tools.”

MOL Chemical Tankers
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“We find [Milbros] to be an important tool in our daily operations. It provides staff with the information needed to determine stowage requirements and provides useful safety and handling information.”

Chemship B.V.
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What can you do with Milbros data?

Make handling decisions with confidence

Milbros provides a single, comprehensive source of information about liquid cargoes and an intuitive toolset to support safe and accurate loading, unloading, and changeover. Eliminate dangerous guesswork and handle your cargoes with total confidence.

Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video
Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video

Turn vessels faster

Enable rapid compatibility checks of chemicals and coatings. Leverage supplier information on recommended cleaning products to ensure safety. And do it all with exceptional efficiency to accelerate cleaning and reduce turnaround time.

Improve efficiency and profitability

Harness real-time and historical data to pinpoint the safest and most profitable products and processes. Save and recycle company knowledge on cargo handling and cleaning for better efficiency.

Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video

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Commodity Information




Annex I & II Cargo Properties & Specifications

Acronyms, Synonyms & Trade Names

NEW CPP Additives

Static Accumulator Info

Charterers Handling/Heating Requirements

Private Specifications

Cargo/Coating Compatibility


Stainless Steel/Phosphoric Acid Compatibility Calculation Tool

EU / FOSFA / Kosha / NIOP / China (CIQ) List

Heat Adjacency

USCG Reactivity Including Exceptions

NEW Styrene Monomer Temperature Log

Coating Resistancy

Charterer Prior cargo lists and checks for select charterers

Regulatory/Statutory Data


IBC Code Information

Tripartite Agreement Information

MARPOL Information

Prewash Requirements

Access to Milbros Expert advice via email or phone

Tank Cleaning


From/To Cleaning Recommendations

Cleaning Instructions by Coating Type

Wall Wash Requirements

IMO Evaluated Cleaning Chemicals

Private Cleaning Instructions

100 ppm Standard UV Graphs for wash water testing

Health and Safety


Draeger / Gastec / Sensidyne tube Information

PPE recommendations for each cargo

GESAMP Profile

Emergency Response Information

Safety Data Sheets

Q88 Response Center Access

Booking List


Create Booking Lists

Stowage Plan

Tank Plan Diagram

Export Reports

Advanced Search

Corporate Documents

Miscellaneous Features


Documents Library

Interactive USCG Compatibility Chart

Conversion Calculator

Voyage Estimator/Distance Calculator

Cargo Update Notifications

Favorite Cargos, Coatings & Cleaning Chemicals

Print/Email/Export Functionality

Private Notes & Documents

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  • Optional feature available with account upgrade, please contact us for additional information.

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