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The course you set today will shape the trajectory of your entire digital journey. That’s why we start delivering value at the earliest stages of each project. By setting an actionable plan to help ensure your needs and requirements are met, communicating with clarity and candor, and providing the expertise needed to navigate change, we set our clients up for a smooth implementation and a successful outcome.

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Project Management

From a phased rollout to a big bang, the ideal project roadmap is unique to each client. Our responsive and experienced team of project managers will work with you to optimize your implementation plan, maintain strong communications and collaboratively resolve challenges, and provide full, technology-enabled transparency to ensure alignment throughout your project.

Team of 80+ Project Managers, Consultants, and Technical Solutions Engineers

Best-in-class project management technology to uphold transparency

Platform Implementation

The key to a successful implementation lies in surfacing all of your needs and building effective workflows as early as possible. Our proven implementation methodology is structured enough to ensure an efficient and effective process, yet adaptive enough to ensure your unique requirements are met.

Experience derived from successful implementation for 18,000+ users

Structured yet flexible implementation methodology

Systems Integration

Your commercial platform is integral to establishing a single source of truth across your organization. But doing so requires seamless integration with other third-party systems, external data sources, and linked indices. Through our built-in Platform API and skilled integrations team, we’ll work with you to establish deep, data-driven connections between your critical systems and stakeholders.

Experience integrating with systems like ERPs, CTRMs/ETRMs, accounting, and more

Ability to connect to freight and bunker indices, industry data sources, and more

Change Management

The vast majority of digital transformation failures can be attributed to poor change management inside the organization—which is entirely preventable when addressed early in the process. As experts in change management, we will help you identify the proper business process owners (BPOs) and super users across functions, and work with them to promote organization-wide change.

Skilled team of consultants with deep expertise in change management

Ongoing engagement with BPOs and super users throughout your business

Insight from the Veson Team


Success isn’t magic, and it can’t be left to chance. It comes down to really taking the time to understand the client’s goals and setting a clear and actionable path to achieve them. We are passionate about the success of our clients and are committed to serving as a responsive and valuable partner on their digital journeys.

Jesse Dilanni
Senior Vice President, Global Services

Deriving maximum value from a system is not just about digitization of records; it is also about utilizing industry best practices and getting meaningful, easy-to-use information from the system to improve bottom-line. This is where Veson Nautical comes in. Our team of experienced maritime consulting professionals partner with you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflows.

Vishal Khattri
Vice President, Professional Services APAC, Veson Nautical

Implementing solutions that give value to our clients is our constant focus. We work with our clients to identify and agree on the best solution while setting up clear and achievable expectations in all stages of the project. A happy client is the best testimony of our work.

Martin Balestra
Vice President, Professional Services, EMEA, Veson Nautical

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