Standardized vessel information for stronger dry bulk decisions

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With Q88 Dry, dry bulk owners, operators, charterers, and brokers can access robust and standardized insights around dry bulk vessel particulars, questionnaires, documents, inspections, and more to strengthen critical decision-making. Data and particulars are presented in a centralized, cloud-based format, revolutionizing how dry bulk stakeholders manage, share, and collaborate around information in today’s volatile and rapidly changing trade.

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Bring the power of standardized information to life in your dry bulk business.

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Manage information centrally

Vast and centralized database of vessel particulars, questionnaires, documents, inspections, officer matrices, and associated analytics

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Share information seamlessly

300+ charterer and terminal questionnaires, which can be seamlessly accessed and shared via email or directly in the platform

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Connect information for seamless insight

Seamless integration with internal systems and industry software solutions to maintain a single source of the truth

Q88 Dry Onboard

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“We use Q88Dry extensively to manage certificates for our fleets. We rely on its ease of use to upload certificates and keep track of issues and expirations. When we receive notifications of expired, or soon-to-be expired certificates for example, our technical team is quickly able to take action to upload the new documents, renew expiration dates, or whatever the particular case may be.”

Marc Radulovic, Senior Operations Manager | Eagle Bulk
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“As the database grows and with the addition of more features to the system, we expect Q88 Dry to increase its influence. With reporting and search of all the information about our vessels in one place, we are going to get greater visibility of the bigger picture.”

Capt. Stergios Nikolaidis , Director of Operations | Modion Maritime Management
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“Q88 Dry has been a massive relief regarding the endless pursuit of certificates and questionnaires. Having everything in one place when you need it has been a huge time saver. Another feature which is also very helpful is having all questionnaires completed via the offline Baltic99 questionnaire.”

Cargill Inc.
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What can you do with Q88 Dry?

Maximize efficiency and profitability

Centrally manage and access comprehensive dry bulk vessel particulars, along with timely data on movements, to identify optimal routes, vessels, and cargo opportunities.

Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video
Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video

Optimally distribute cargo

Understand cargo hold dimensions and configurations to distribute diverse dry bulk cargoes, including grains, ores, and coal, while ensuring ongoing vessel stability and safety.

Stay on top of inspections with ease

Monitor vessel maintenance timeframes and track repairs to ensure ongoing structural integrity and safety. Leverage detailed information on vessel compliance and an accurate audit trail to adhere to better prepare for inspections.

Oceanbolt Congestion Data Readout Video

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