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Finally, a platform and partner that enable complete visibility and control over marine freight.

Capable of seeing the world through the lens of marine cargoes and freight, the Veson IMOS Platform empowers commodity traders with the end-to-end visibility, market-linked data, and seamless system integrations they need to optimize the management of their marine freight division. Explore these challenges to learn how IMOS can add value to your organization.

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Are you able to accurately assess exposure?

Proactively measure and manage exposure.

Amid outsized market volatility, proactive exposure management is critical. IMOS forms a contextual picture of marine exposure through a robust risk management workspace with built-in support for index-linked contracts, bunker adjustments, and embedded derivatives.

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Do you struggle to view marine freight P&Ls?

Maintain full P&L visibility at all times.

With the ability to manage complex marine contracts across freight books, IMOS provides complete visibility into estimated and actual marine P&Ls throughout the voyage lifecycle. This visibility enables you to support stronger deals, maximize fleet utilization, and manage financial outcomes.

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Can you easily access your data to drive decisions?

Achieve data-driven agility.

In addition to supporting the data standardization needed for meaningful analyses, IMOS’s robust and customizable reporting makes it possible to access meaningful metrics on virtually any data point in the platform, and deliver those metrics to the appropriate stakeholders throughout the marine workflow.

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Do month-end processes weigh you down?

Enhance efficiency and accuracy.

For many marine freight divisions, month-end accruals processes are manual, disconnected, and time consuming. IMOS delivers robust capabilities to accelerate financial workflows while integrating seamlessly with accounting systems at the general ledger level to ensure data integrity.

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Are there data gaps in your marine workflow?

Seamlessly connect your core systems.

Establishing a single source of truth is integral to the success of your marine freight division. With deep expertise in systems integration, Veson supports the seamless flow of standardized data across enterprise systems like CTRMs, ETRMs, and ERPs.

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Discover how IMOS empowered Repsol with new efficiency.

The solutions you need to achieve the optimization you desire.

Our comprehensive solutions are capable of transforming every part of your seaborne supply chain.

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