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Freight Trading and Operations

The marine contract is at the center of maritime commerce—and contract management is at the center of shaping a more efficient trade. Through a blend of automation and contextual data, our solutions enable a comprehensive contract management workflow and extend high-powered decision support to participants of all sizes and complexity on all sides of the trade.

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Data and Analytics

Access to standardized insights on the market at large is a key defining factor in making the best possible decisions, with the greatest possible agility. Using an industry-leading data collection and validation process, we give stakeholders quick and easy access to the market’s most trusted data on global commodities, marine freight, and vessel valuations.

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Voyage Documentation

In a multifaceted voyage lifecycle that includes hundreds of documents and dozens of stakeholders, standardized document management is essential to efficiency, accountability, decision-making, and regulatory success. As the industry’s long-established standard, Q88 supports informed operations and negotiations in the tanker and dry bulk sectors.

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