Take a full lifecycle approach to maritime shipping EU ETS compliance.

Confidently navigate evolving decarbonization regulations like shipping EU ETS with a full lifecycle solution including carbon emissions tracking, voyage management, carbon risk management, and EU ETS reporting.

IMOS simplifies complex environmental regulations from governing bodies or counterparties and makes it easy for stakeholders to consider carbon impact throughout the voyage lifecycle


Eu Ets Retargeting Screen
  • Accurately calculate emissions expenses, inclusive of route changes, bunker modifications, and EUA prices.
  • Streamline ship emissions monitoring throughout the voyage lifecycle and integrate emissions data into noon reports.
  • Simplify carbon risk management in the EUA and EUA Futures markets within one trusted workspace.
  • Easily generate reports for regulatory bodies and counterparties to affirm compliance with global regulations like EU ETS and charter party agreements.

Manage EU ETS from pre-fixture to post-voyage financials.

Veson delivers comprehensive support to manage the compliance and cost implications of EU ETS for stakeholders at every stage of the voyage—from pre-fixture, to daily operations, exposure management, and financials.

Icon Precise Carbon Calculations

Precise carbon calculations

Using the CO2 Calculator, you can dynamically calculate emissions expenses for each ETS shipping estimate, then manage it throughout the voyage lifecycle. The IMOS Platform supports both pre-fixture voyage estimation and post-fixture voyage management in line with EU ETS maritime regulations.

Icon Per Cargo Allocation

Per-cargo allocation and reporting

With the Cargo Emissions table in Analytics, you have the flexibility to allocate emissions to different charterers on multi-cargo voyages, according to Sea Cargo Charter guidelines. Easily report on emissions expense data and share it with counterparties through robust maritime EU ETS reporting capabilities.

Icon Exposure Management

EU ETS exposure management

In the Exposure Management workspace, you can clearly assess and hedge against carbon risk with mark-to-market calculations, records for all EUA and EUA Futures, and a clear line of sight into how these instruments impact the voyage P&L. Easily and seamlessly address carbon—the third major pillar of risk in maritime shipping.