Marine logistics solutions for the modern maritime supply chain.

IMOS is a dynamic and specialized platform for maritime supply chain management, with a comprehensive nominations workflow, dedicated workspace for demurrage management, validated market intelligence, and seamless system integrations.

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Why is IMOS the #1 choice for maritime cargo logistics?

Icon Marine Cargo Management

Specialized tools for marine cargo management

IMOS delivers specialized tools for every stage of the maritime logistics workflow—from production planning to nominations, berth scheduling, post-voyage financials and analysis, and more. In addition, IMOS delivers a dedicated workspace that allows tonnage charterers to automatically calculate laytime, predict demurrage, and manage claims with ease.

Icon Maritime Logistics Data

Maritime logistics data in context

We believe data is integral to shaping more effective and agile marine logistics decisions. As the trade’s trusted destination for comprehensive and validated data, IMOS provides maritime and supply chain management leaders contextual intelligence on port congestion, turnaround times, vessel positions, emissions, and more.

Icon Global Community

Vast and global client community

Veson manages 4.6 billion metric tons in trade each year, supporting the world’s largest commodity producers, traders, and owner-operators in achieving new levels of continuity, efficiency, insight, and financial success. Dedicated to uniting all sides of the trade, Veson streamlines communications and strengthens the relationships that underpin maritime shipping, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced collaboration.

Icon Flexible Software Integrations

Flexible software integrations

IMOS is designed to seamlessly integrate with the systems that run your marine logistics business to create a unified digital ecosystem. From ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) systems to CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) platforms and specialized accounting tools, IMOS ensures critical data flows smoothly across the enterprise, providing a cohesive view of operations.

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Do you have questions about maritime and supply chain management solutions?

Allow us to answer them for you.

Why do general supply chain solutions struggle to meet maritime needs?

General supply chain solutions often lack the specificity required to address the unique challenges of maritime logistics. The complexity, scale, and regulatory demands of marine transport and logistics necessitate specialized tools that can handle everything from berth scheduling and voyage calculations to demurrage management and environmental compliance.

These freight logistics solutions must cater to the intricate workflows and varied stakeholder motivations inherent in maritime logistic operations, something general supply chain software is typically not equipped to do. Or at least not equipped to handle with the scale and speed most modern maritime organizations need to adapt to a market in constant flux.  

What should a specialized maritime supply chain solution provide?

A specialized maritime supply chain solution should offer tools tailored to the specific needs of maritime logistics. This includes comprehensive voyage planning and execution capabilities for full lifecycle visibility, and accurate emissions and fuel consumption tracking to meet regulatory requirements and guarantee compliance.

It should provide integrated market data and financial management features, including dynamic P&L visibility, to support confident decision-making and optimized cost containment. The right maritime logistic solution will also come equipped with demurrage calculation tools and enable cross-stakeholder connectivity for seamless information exchange.  

I have unique marine logistics workflows. Can IMOS support them?

The Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) is designed to be highly configurable and adaptable to a wide range of maritime logistics workflows. Whether your operations involve specific nomination processes, detailed berth scheduling, or unique post-voyage financial analysis, IMOS can be tailored to meet your organization’s precise needs.

The platform’s flexible architecture and configurable tools ensure that it can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, providing a customized solution that supports your unique workflows.   

How does IMOS help me reduce demurrage?

Veson’s IMOS platform helps reduce demurrage through its advanced laytime and demurrage management tools. These features allow users to automatically calculate laytime, predict demurrage costs, and manage claims efficiently.

By providing real-time insights and detailed analysis of port activities and vessel operations, IMOS enables you to identify potential delays and take proactive measures to minimize demurrage, improving your operational efficiency and optimizing cost management.

How does IMOS help me adhere to decarbonization regulations?

Veson’s IMOS platform assists maritime organizations in adhering to decarbonization regulations by offering a robust suite of tools for tracking and reporting emissions. Our Carbon Calculator tool enables precise calculation of shipping emissions expenses, accounting for various definitions of berth versus port consumption and voyage legs.

By integrating these capabilities into the voyage management workflow, IMOS ensures compliance with evolving environmental regulations and supports your organization’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve sustainability goals. 

How does Veson support clients while implementing IMOS?

Veson provides comprehensive support throughout the implementation of IMOS, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration into your operations. This includes custom configuration and platform suggestions to match the specific requirements of your maritime logistics workflow.

Beyond implementation, we also provide your team with comprehensive platform training across all our products, and bolster this with ongoing technical support and customer service, in addition to a dedicated Help Center on our website. Our dedicated support ensures that you can fully leverage IMOS’ capabilities and achieve optimal results for your maritime logistics operations. We also implement continuous updates and enhancements to keep the platform aligned with industry developments and regulatory changes.