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Maritime Shipping Data & Analytics

Bring high-integrity commodity and freight data into your maritime shipping workflows

In the intensely competitive and ever-changing maritime shipping space, market leadership is secured by the organizations with the best data. Access to timely and relevant market information empowers stakeholders to sharpen decision making, benchmark performance against the market, identify the best opportunities, and maximize profitability.

With Veson’s data solutions, stakeholders can access trusted market insights to make decisions more quickly and confidently. By viewing the market from multiple vantage points, Veson delivers powerful validation and enhanced integrity. Here are some of the ways Veson data solutions enable new efficiency and insight:

  • Timely data on trade flows, port congestion, turnaround times, global trade patterns, and more
  • Vessel tracking insights, with real-time visibility into vessel positions and movements
  • Access to live and historical valuations that reflect market realities
  • Flexible maritime APIs to form a best-of-breed data solution

See what’s possible with Veson data solutions

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Transform insight into action with trusted maritime shipping data


Bring high-integrity insights, including commodity and freight data, congestion data, global trade patterns, and more directly into your workflows with flexible APIs.

Ch Profitable Decisions


Harness validated data on vessel positions, valuations, environmental performance, and more with convenient online access and API feeds.


Leverage the industry standard for vessel information management to inform decision making and rapidly respond to change.

Plan Voyages With Precision

These solutions are just the beginning. Discover what’s possible with Veson’s comprehensive maritime data solutions.