Hd Vessels Valuation And Maritime Database

Vessel Valuation & Maritime Database

Enhance market transparency with validated marine finance and valuation data

Access to validated, real-time maritime market insight is not only vitally important to the daily operations and strategic advantage of vessel owners and operators, but also for brokers, financial institutions, cargo owners, and more.

With VesselsValue, stakeholders can harness accurate and up-to-date market insights to expand their view of the trade, improve maritime investment decisions, and enhance voyage planning.

Here are some of the things VesselsValue delivers:

  • Comprehensive maritime vessel databases with information for 75,000+ vessels and 15,000+ companies
  • Accurate vessel valuations that are updated daily
  • Real-time tracking data to monitor the global fleet
  • Visibility into energy efficiency ratings and compliance

See what’s possible with VesselsValue

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Better decisions begin with a more transparent trade

Make decisions with confidence

Access live and historical vessel valuations to make informed decisions, whether you’re an owner, charterer, broker, or financial institution.


Search and compare vessels

Leverage VesselsValue’s massive maritime database to view data across 75,000 vessels, 15,000 companies, and 100,000 transactions.

Elevate market visibility

Track vessel movements, understand demand, monitor environmental performance, and harness flexible APIs for a more comprehensive view of the market.


Elevate decision making with trusted market insight.