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Few functions within the commercial maritime shipping organization are as vital to profitability as chartering. Arguably the most complex and critical role in the maritime shipping workflow, the charterer is tasked with fixing profitable voyages, evaluating ongoing opportunities, adapting to market conditions, and actively moving contracts to operators for execution.

With robust pre-fixture capabilities and a dynamic, interactive scheduling workspace, the Veson IMOS Platform powerfully enables charterers to work with new efficiency and insight. Let’s take a closer look.

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Centrally manage all of your contracts.

Managing precise contract details is essential to any commercial maritime shipping organization. The IMOS Platform enables charterers to centrally manage terms across a full range of contract types, from TCs to VCs, COAs, and other unique contracts. As charterers work to fix the most beneficial business, IMOS automatically populates contract terms, eliminating opportunity for error and freeing up valuable time.

Platform Highlights
  • Support a full range of contract types, including TCs, VCs, COAs, and more.
  • Automatically populate contract terms throughout your chartering workflow.
  • Free up time to focus on fixing the most beneficial business.

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Evaluate every open

Upon signing into IMOS, charterers can immediately view open vessels and available cargoes in one, central location. Cargoes can be dynamically pulled from an integrated Cargo Tracking System and open vessels are updated based on real-time operational data, ensuring you have constant access to data you can rely on.

Platform Highlights
  • Centralized open vessel positions and available cargo list.
  • Ability to connect with Cargo Tracking System via API.
  • Integrated, real-time operational data.

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Instantly run estimates.

Charterers are continuously creating estimates to assess the profitability of every voyage. With market-linked pricing and the ability to import prior cargoes, IMOS provides charterers the ability to assess their TCE and daily profits in an instant.

Platform Highlights
  • Automate the creation of estimates.
  • Copy existing estimates or import prior cargoes.
  • Generate a pro forma P&L for every voyage.
  • View TCE and daily profits in an instant.
  • Optimize routes and avoid piracy zones with an integrated map view.

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Generate optimized
schedules instantly.

Tired of manual scheduling workflows that make it nearly impossible to consider every possible permutation? IMOS enables charterers to generate algorithm-optimized schedules with the simple push of a button based on their primary objective. Once an optimized schedule is generated, they can make drag-and-drop revisions without ever leaving the workspace.

Platform Highlights
  • Proprietary scheduling algorithm.
    Option to optimize based on laycans met or TCE.
  • Built-in validation for material incompatibilities or inadequate bunkers.
  • Ability to make modifications via drag and drop in a single interface.

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Maintain continuity with operations.

As a voyage moves from chartering to operations, it can be challenging to uphold continuity without a proper commercial platform. As a fully-integrated solution, IMOS empowers charterers to share contracts, voyage instructions, and port activities seamlessly with operators for full continuity.

Platform Highlights
  • Establish one, integrated workflow from chartering to operations and financials.
  • Attach voyage instructions and port activities to the contract.
  • Enable operations to view and execute contracts without delay.

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Measure the metrics that mean the most.

Bring new agility and insight to your chartering workflow with built-in analytics from VIP—from running speed, bunker, and freight sensitivity analyses within the voyage estimate to automatically generating reports on Chartering Performance and Voyage Fixtures for a deep, data-driven understanding of your business.

Charterer Metrics Screen

Platform Highlights

Access relevant analyses and reports, including:

  • Speed Sensitivity Analysis
  • Bunker Sensitivity Analysis
  • Freight Sensitivity Analysis
  • Chartering Performance Report
  • Voyage Fixtures Report

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Real insights from charterers like you.

Chartering Vessel

With Chartering, we have all our vessel and cargo information right in front of us. We know exactly where we stand and can instantly test various scenarios. Decisions that would have taken up to an hour can be made in minutes.

–Jens Axmann, Head of Operations, F.H. Bertling

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