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Finally, a platform and partner that understands the marine component of the supply chain.

Wholly focused on the nuanced workflows of the marine shipping ecosystem, the Veson IMOS Platform delivers the specialized capabilities and insights you need to overcome your most pressing challenges. Explore these challenges to learn how IMOS can add value to your marine freight division.

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Do you have complete visibility throughout your marine supply chain?

Achieve comprehensive oversight through standardization.

The marine modality is among the least visible links in the global supply chain. IMOS delivers comprehensive cargo visibility and control to enable complete coordination and continuity between your global seaborne supply chain, your internal production sites, and your external customers.

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Are your decisions informed by market realities?

Make every decision in the context of the market.

In today’s volatile market, organizations require full market visibility to make informed decisions and reduce costs. With a dedicated workspace for pre-trade market analysis, complete with insight into marine tonnage availability and market rates, IMOS enables organizations to make the best possible decisions.

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Are you struggling with outsized demurrage costs?

Analyze and proactively manage costly demurrage.

Demurrage represents one of the most significant marine supply chain costs. To prevent backups, accurately project laytime, and manage costly demurrage in a data-driven way, IMOS provides dynamic berth scheduling capabilities and automated calculations that enable schedulers to operate their terminals with new efficiency.

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Do you have a robust understanding of marine supply chain costs?

Proactively contain costs at scale.

To reduce costs wherever possible, marine logistics divisions require complete understanding of voyage-related expenses and market-linked insight. IMOS delivers robust workspaces to manage contracts, claims, exposure, and expenses, enabling marine supply chain leaders to contain costs and strengthen their financial positions.

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Are your stakeholders struggling with disparate systems?

Empower every marine supply chain user.

The seaborne supply chain is exceedingly complex to manage and reliant on the participation of numerous stakeholders. By structuring and standardizing crucial vessel, voyage, and cargo detail in a single, accessible workspace and connecting with downstream systems, IMOS serves the unique needs of each and every user.   

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