A comprehensive view of the marine freight marketplace for charterers

Hd Position List (for Principals)

With Position List for Principals, formerly Q88 Pro, charterers can achieve an unprecedented view of the marine freight marketplace from a single, intuitive interface. Easily access the timely and accurate information you need to make the strongest possible pre-fixture decisions, then dive deeper into the data to understand how your business compares to the competition.

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Sharpen your visibility with Position List’s deep marine market insight.

Icon Eliminate Blind Spots

Eliminate blind spots

Multiple AIS sources to improve the accuracy of position data, leading to over 50% more reported positions in high-traffic zones

Icon Make Calculations Quickly

Benchmark against competitors

Comparative insights that can be used to benchmark your fleet and operations against the competition and the market at large

Icon Predict Future Conditions

Predict future conditions

Predictive analytics on openings and available tonnage that combines AIS data with information on open positions

Icon Environmental Impact

Understand environmental impact

CO2 and EEOI estimations on a ship-by-ship basis, based on open positions, estimated consumption, distance traveled and other criteria

Icon Power Custom Insights

Power custom insight

Custom templates and flexible API integration to generate individualized insights based on your own fleet trading patterns

What can you do with Position List for Principals?

Sharpen your projections

Use predictive search capabilities to plan voyages more effectively. Combine AIS and vessel and position search criteria in one central platform to get a full view of tonnage for more assured and agile decision-making.

Sharpen Projections
Operations From Every Angle

View operations from every angle

Construct tonnage supply lists and intake analyses including historical data, and track tonnage supply trends over time based on geography and vessel. Easily configure custom export formats without any third-party support needed.

Adapt to an ever-shifting market

Track market fixtures without ever leaving the solution using the Cargo and Fixtures feature. Follow tonnage supply trends over time and tailor your view based on the unique insights that matter most to your organization.

Adapt To Ever Shifting Market

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