Maritime freight management software solutions for modern shipping realities.

IMOS is maritime shipping’s most capable platform for contract management, with a comprehensive freight management workflow from pre-fixture voyage planning to post-voyage analysis.

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Why is IMOS the #1 choice for maritime freight management software?

Icon Comprehensive Workflow

Comprehensive freight management workflow

IMOS’s contract management workflow extends through every stage of the voyage lifecycle, from pre-fixture scheduling to operations, voyage accounting, exposure management, and post-voyage analysis.

Icon Manage Information Seamlessly

Strong software integrations

IMOS complements its comprehensive capabilities with deep integrations expertise. Ensure your entire fleet of maritime software solutions is tightly integrated to maximize efficiency and deliver a single source of standardized data.

Icon Platform Innovation

Continuous platform innovation

To remain relevant, maritime software solutions must continually innovate at the pace of commerce. Home to the largest development organization in the maritime shipping world, Veson releases new IMOS capabilities continuously.

Icon Optimize Voyage Performance

Maritime data in context

We believe data is integral to shaping more effective and agile decisions. Combine the IMOS maritime contract management platform with the market’s most comprehensive and validated data on trade flows, global fleets, and vessel valuations.

Imos Maritime Platform

Do you have questions about maritime shipping software?

Allow us to answer them for you.

What should maritime freight management software do?  

Maritime freight management software should go beyond simple voyage management to deliver comprehensive capabilities that span the entire maritime contract lifecycle—from pre-fixture planning through operational optimization, voyage accounting, exposure management, and ongoing analysis. It should provide dynamic visibility into P&L during every part of this journey, adapting to new cost factors and sources of exposure.  
But beyond any single stage of the voyage or individual feature, a maritime freight management platform should present stakeholders the accurate, timely, and relevant information they need to make the best possible decision in every scenario and at every moment to enhance efficiency, financial performance, and competitive advantage.  
Finally, maritime freight management platforms should have an inherent openness, an ability to form flexible and seamless connections with the diverse data sources and software solutions that collectively support maritime trade. The quality of these integrations dramatically impacts the quality of institutional data, so cursory integrations no longer suffice. Instead, integrations should be deep, intentional, meaningful and, wherever possible, native to the platform.  

I have unique freight management workflows. Can IMOS support them?

One of the most incredible aspects of IMOS is its ability to support the most sophisticated, complex, and nuanced workflows in the maritime world. While IMOS’s core competency is commercial maritime contract management, it understands and satisfies the highly unique needs of diverse freight types like dry bulk, oil, chemical, and LNG.  
Beyond the IMOS core, the IMOS industry solutions deliver robust capabilities in support of specialized workflows out of the box. But IMOS is also made to adapt to each organization’s unique operational structure and workflows. Together with the help of Veson Global Services, customers can flex IMOS’s gold-standard processes and capabilities to the unique realities of their business.  

How does IMOS satisfy the requirements of diverse maritime shipping stakeholders?  

Among organizations who operate vessels for profit, IMOS’s full lifecycle capabilities ensure that all of the voyage’s primary stakeholders have what they need to make the best possible decisions and work more efficiently than ever before. For example:  
Charterers: IMOS empowers charterers to capitalize on the best possible market opportunities with the greatest possible speed and agility 
Voyage Operators: IMOS supports busy voyage operators in rapidly responding to ongoing voyage updates to maximize profit and minimize costs.  
Voyage Accountants: After the voyage, IMOS delivers dynamic P&L visibility and supporting documentation to automate and enhance accounting workflows. 
Freight Traders: IMOS provides freight traders visibility into freight, fuel, and carbon exposure and accounts for the impact of paper trades on voyage P&L.  
IMOS also serves those who move cargoes and view maritime shipping as a significant cost component in their global supply chain. These tonnage charterers have unique stakeholders of their own, including freight managers, supply chain leaders, and berth schedulers who all benefit significantly from IMOS’s differentiated approach to contract management.   

What capabilities does IMOS deliver for maritime decarbonization regulations? 

Veson delivers an end-to-end workflow to support ongoing regulatory changes, including those related to the addition of maritime to the EU ETS. The core IMOS system includes the ability to calculate applicable emissions quantity and associated expenses via the Carbon Calculator, capture and update the expense on the voyage P&L, and update contracts to handle cash settlement of the emissions expense.  
In addition, Veson offers powerful risk exposure management through its IMOS Trading & Risk module, including the ability to capture EUA contracts and associated derivatives contracts, track exposure to the EUA market using physical and paper contracts, update contracts to handle cash and allowance settlement, and track and report on current inventory of allowances to determine shortages or overages. 
But regulations are always evolving, and so is IMOS. Veson continues to adapt to evolving regulatory realities, releasing capabilities that support stakeholders in maximizing confidence, affirming compliance, and minimizing the financial impact of regulations like EU ETS and others.  

How does Veson support clients while implementing the IMOS maritime platform?

At Veson, we firmly believe the maritime freight management partner is perhaps even more important than the platform. That’s why we are committed to not only delivering the most capable maritime platform on the market, but also providing the supportive client-centered experience modern maritime shipping businesses need to realize their platform’s intended benefits. Veson is home to the most experienced software solutions consulting organization in the maritime shipping world, Veson Global Services. 
Veson Global Services’ skilled consultants meet clients where they are, working with them from initial solution design through integration, implementation, management, KPI definition, and ongoing customer success.  
Change can be hard, and end-user confidence is the number one determinant of whether an organization will achieve its intended ROI. Veson champions user empowerment and confidence long after implementation with supportive training and continuing education resources, offered through Veson University. Veson University prides itself on offering content that is both relevant and useful to our global client base, transforming every user into an IMOS super user and every implementation into an IMOS success story.