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DIABOS and Veson IMOS Platform integration redefines port cost management for shipowners and operators

Product tie up to enhance efficiency and reduced expenses by eradicating manual processes and minimize fluctuations on voyage P&L statements

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About Diabos

Established in 2008, DIABOS has become a trusted partner to major ship owning and operating companies in providing advanced port call management services. With headquarters in Dubai, they cater to a widespread clientele across the globe. Leveraging SMART technology to diligently provide clients with end-to-end port costs management services. The 3rd Gen Diabos web-based application streamlines disbursement accounting, cash management, towage contract management, and port cost estimation. In addition, they offer a wide range of non-core, value-added services such as document management, port and agency data management, agency audits, and port supplier management.  


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About Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical delivers maritime freight management solutions that propel the global shipping economy. Trusted by buyers and sellers of bulk marine freight in every region of the world, Veson solutions are responsible for managing $109 billion in freight traded and moving 4.4 billion tons in annual trade each year.

With a suite of offerings in marine contract management, vessel document management, and data analytics, Veson’s products are widely recognized for their strong utility, sustained innovation, and measurable business impact.

More than a provider of solutions, Veson is a champion of progress that actively supports its clients, partners, and broader community in navigating change while shaping the best practice workflows and standards of tomorrow’s connected maritime shipping ecosystem.

Boston, MA and Dubai, UAE – 31 January, 2024 – DIABOS Global Fze, leading port cost management solution, and Veson Nautical (Veson), the global market leader of maritime freight management solutions, today announce an evolved product partnership that can help streamline stakeholder management and port cost management for ship owners and operators.

Mutual users can now seamlessly access personalized port disbursement data and send port DA requests from the Veson IMOS Platform to DIABOS’ 2.5 and 3.0 platforms. Additionally, they can nominate agents directly from the IMOS Platform, streamlining the entire process.

Agent activity, document handling, and port disbursement management are fundamental to successful and profitable voyage operations. However, traditional paper-based disbursement accounting involves complex communications chains and requires a heavy amount of administrative work, leaving considerable room for error. Creating a smooth experience at port starts with streamlined access to vital port and disbursement information, which is where integrated technologies can help.

The collaboration between DIABOS and IMOS Platform aims to enhance efficiency, reduce expenses, and create seamless port operations for their respective client communities. Through their integrated software and service approach, users are empowered with deep, data-driven connectivity to reduce manual processes, unlock powerful insights, minimize fluctuations on voyage P&L, and achieve true continuity across their entire organization.

Meera Kumar President & CEO at DIABOS said, “Our mission is to redefine the landscape of stakeholder management and port cost management for ship owners and operators. The partnership between DIABOS and Veson represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing port operations. By leveraging integrated technologies, ship owners and operators can expect a smoother experience at port, reduced administrative work, and improved accuracy in disbursement accounting.”

Graham Piasecki, Director of Commercial Strategy at Veson Nautical said, “By formalizing our existing interface collaboration with DIABOS into a strategic Platform Partnership, we can empower our respective client communities with easier pathways for data to move between platforms. This reduces manual processes, unlocks powerful insights, and brings us a step closer to a uniform and consistent global maritime dataset to propel our industry forward.”

DIABOS will join Veson’s growing Platform Partner Network, which establishes native integrations with strategic systems to enable data-driven connectivity, reduce manual processes and achieve true continuity.

DIABOS’s dual focus on product and service combined with the extensive experience of their parent maritime conglomerate, JM Baxi Group, which holds positions of leadership across the industry segments of Multimodal Solutions, Rail/Road Transportation and Customs Clearances, provides Veson’s clients with targeted proficiency across all Ports and Terminals service solutions.