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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability refers to meeting today’s challenges while actively considering the future of the environment, industry, and business. As maritime businesses work to achieve greater sustainability within their own organizations, they can concurrently advance their digitalization strategies, improve their efficiency and profitability, and work together to transform the industry as a whole.

How is Sustainability Transforming Maritime Shipping?

Regulatory requirements and collaborative sustainability initiatives like the Sea Cargo Charter within the industry, coupled with a global emphasis on environmental responsibility, have made sustainability a focal point for maritime shipping organizations. To contribute to industry transformation and embrace more sustainable practices, maritime shipping organizations require the ability to efficiently assess the environmental impact of each and every decision.


The IMO aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime shipping by 50% by 2050.1


Maritime shipping currently accounts for 90% of global sulfur emissions.2

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Operational Efficiency.

It is important to note that more sustainable decisions are also often more profitable ones. The right digital solution can powerfully advance sustainability and profitability by empowering key stakeholders with the standardized data and integrations they need to assess the environmental impact of each and every decision, from pre-fixture chartering to ongoing voyage operations.

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Sustainability Standards.

Regulatory requirements like IMO 2020, as well as agreements among industry leaders like the Sea Cargo Charter, have set the standard for sustainability in maritime shipping. By taking action to adhere to these standards and embrace sustainability as a core aspect of their commercial workflows, maritime shipping organizations can proactively mitigate their environmental impact long into the future.

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a Greener Future.

Tackling climate change is not unique to the maritime industry; it is an urgent global concern. Changing trajectory requires individual organizations to start doing their parts now, particularly given the industry’s massive scale and outsized environmental impact. By making incremental changes in their day-to-day operations, maritime shipping organizations can mitigate their environmental footprints and pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

A Sustainable Future Begins with Incremental Change

To adhere to industry standards and contribute to the global fight against climate change, maritime shipping organizations have to act now. While long-term goals like alternative fuels and low-emission ships are important, it is possible for maritime shipping stakeholders to make meaningful changes in their businesses today. Doing so requires the right platform and partner.

At Veson, we deliver the industry’s leading platform for commercial freight and fleet management. The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) empowers decision makers with the actionable insights they need to mitigate the environmental impact of decisions throughout the commercial workflow, while improving their bottom line. We are committed to working closely with our clients and partners to empower maritime shipping organizations with the data and tools they require to make decisions that shape a more sustainable future for the industry.

Let us help you achieve your sustainability goals with our powerful integrations, standardized data, and proven partnership.

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As the result of a strategic Platform Partnership, ZeroNorth’s Optimise solution securely integrates with VIP to allow a seamless transfer for data for joint customers. This native data integration empowers VIP users to optimise bunkers to increase profitability, decrease CO2 emissions, and improve fleet-wide sustainability.

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