Why Sustainability Matters for the Maritime Industry

Decarbonization is top of mind for the entire maritime shipping industry, with 95% of stakeholders considering it a key priority.1

In addition to its obvious importance, sustainability has a significant commercial impact, and it must be carefully and actively managed throughout the workflow. What role does decarbonization play in your commercial workflow today?

Several key shifts in the industry have made sustainability a key focal point, including:

  • Industry-wide initiatives like the Sea Cargo Charter, coupled with regulations like IMO 2020, IMO 2023, and EU/ETS.
  • Pressure from counterparties on both sides of the contract to adopt a more proactive ESG strategy.
  • The pivotal role of the maritime shipping industry in protecting our oceans.

Learn how collaboration and innovation are imperative for shaping a more sustainable maritime industry.

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The Pillars of More Sustainable Decision Making

Central to managing every part of the voyage or cargo lifecycle, your commercial solution serves another critical purpose: equipping organizations with the visibility required to make the most sustainable decisions. An effective solution should do this in three key ways:

Icon Data Collection

Data collection

Data collection refers to the process of presenting standardized insights from the vessel in a standardized and usable format.

Icon Analysis


Through analysis and reporting, data can make its way to the internal and external stakeholders that need it most.

Icon Decision Support

Decision support

The presence of decision support throughout the workflow enables a sustainability lens at every stage of the voyage or cargo lifecycle.

Discover how the maritime shipping industry is making sustainability a priority.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

At Veson, there are two key aspects of our sustainability strategy that enable us to keep our clients ahead.

Platform Development

We continue to develop our existing offerings, adding new capabilities and features that enable our clients to make more sustainable decisions.

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Product Integrations in the Veson Partner Network

We are eager to partner with truly innovative technologies in the sustainability space, providing our clients flexible, turnkey integrations.

Partnership Logos

“In our industry, sustainability is a pervasive priority, and there are a lot of different angles at which that priority is being emphasized. We look at this in a two-pronged approach where we’re going to continue investing in our platform, but we’re also very excited to work with companies that are producing innovative solutions that allow clients to make more sustainable decisions.”

– Eric Christofferson, Chief Product Officer

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