Maritime Business Intelligence

Elevated Maritime Analytics for Data-Driven Commercial Decisions

The maritime ecosystem faces a myriad of challenges when it comes to data continuity and insight, ranging from information overload, to data complexity and a lack of standardization. For vessel operators and tonnage charterers, navigating the millions of data points generated each day requires a commercial maritime solution that brings it all together.

Maritime data analytics and business intelligence are essential to maximizing the impact of every commercial decision. With the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP), insight comes standard. VIP comes equipped with 75 built-in reports and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other data sources for contextual, cross-business insight. By delivering real-time maritime analytics in context via intuitive reports and dashboards, VIP empowers key maritime stakeholders to systematically assess performance, decision impact, and risk exposure at today’s pace of business.

maritime intelligence

120 million

The number of data points the maritime industry generates each day. 1

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Buyer’s Guide

The Digitalization Buyer’s Guide

Navigating Choice in Maritime Shipping Digitalization

The maritime industry has seen a rapid expansion of connectivity, automation, and data that has the potential to deliver significant benefits. But unlocking these benefits requires the right solution. How can your business ensure it makes the right choice? Leverage this buyer’s guide to help you navigate your digital decision.
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The Standard Platform that Propels Maritime Commerce

A Proven Partnership for a Digital Maritime World

Our dynamic platform for freight and fleet management enables a new world of possibilities for vessel owners and operators, commodities traders, and tonnage charterers.
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market movement brief

Market Movement Brief


When it comes to maritime digitalization, it can be hard to separate the relevant takeaways from the hype. In this brief, we provide a practical perspective on what digitalization means for your business.
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