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Xiaofan (Terry) Gao

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Veson delivers key capabilities to support Cetus Maritime in its mission to become a global shipping leader from east to west.

With the most robust contract-centered workflow in the maritime shipping world, the Veson IMOS Platform can support the complexity involved in supporting Cetus Maritime’s newly-merged, global business—a partnership between Asia Maritime Pacific and Hamburg Bulk Carriers. In addition, VIP provides robust tools that will enable Cetus in driving significant progress in operational excellence, exposure management, and decarbonization.

Icon Support Specialized Cargoes

Support for specialized cargoes

VIP delivers specialized cargo capabilities to support Cetus’s specialties in project, parceling, and dangerous cargoes. Our platform provides robust commercial visibility, granular P&L tracking for multiparcel cargoes, and seamless integration with leading vessel information databases to enable safe, scalable, and profitable voyages.

Icon Standardized Data And Reporting

Standardized data and reporting

From pre-fixture chartering to post-voyage analysis, VIP supports the standardization of data throughout the voyage lifecycle. This standardization is a pre-requisite to unleashing data-driven decision making across Cetus’s entire organization. In addition, VIP’s report designer enables Cetus to report on the metrics that mean the most, automatically sharing read-outs with the appropriate stakeholders.

Icon Configurable And Scalable Workflows

Configurable and scalable workflows

We understand the complexity that comes when working across entities and regions of the world. VIP includes built-in support for company entities, configurable workflows, custom tasks and alerts, and tailored reports. All of these will empower Cetus as it integrates processes between Asia Maritime Pacific and Hamburg Bulk Carriers, empowers team members, and pursues operational excellence on a global scale.

Icon Sustainable Decision Making

Sustainable decision making

To help Cetus achieve its goals for decarbonization, VIP equips key stakeholders with the information and decision support they need to make more sustainable decisions and account for the commercial impact of carbon. In addition to considering the implications of operational decisions on CII and supporting maritime’s addition to EU ETS, Veson’s rapid pace of innovation enables us to keep pace as regulations change and evolve.

Icon Exposure Management

Exposure management

Significant fleet growth, coupled with a volatile and uncertain market, naturally comes with an increase in risk. Through VIP’s robust Trading & Risk solution, Cetus can maintain complete visibility into bunker, freight, and environmental exposure across its global fleet, with the built-in ability to account for the P&L impact of tools like FFAs, bunker swaps, and ETS vehicles.

When it comes to enabling Cetus Maritime’s newly merged business, the right partner matters as much as the right platform.

Home to the most experienced consultants in the maritime shipping world, Veson Global Services provides valuable expertise in system migration, seamless integration, change management, and continuing education to support Cetus’s global team in realizing the full value of a proper commercial platform. Our global services include:

Icon System Migration

System migration from existing systems, including expertise in system consolidation.

Icon Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with Cetus’s solutions for technical management and accounting.

Icon Change Management

Change management to ensure users are confident in their ability to embrace the solution.

Icon Education And Growth

Education and growth to continually champion progress and enhance competitive advantage.

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