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The marine logistics function is among the most demanding in the global supply chain—marked by nuanced workflows, significant cost implications, and numerous counterparties. Among the marine logistics professional’s many responsibilities are making informed nominations decisions, managing voyages, and communicating with internal and external stakeholders to contain costs while ensuring business requirements are met.

With a dynamic workspace to navigate complex nominations decisions and full operational visibility, the Veson IMOS Platform provides marine logistics professionals everything they need to maximize agility, minimize costs, and save valuable time.

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Maintain a direct line of sight into production needs.

Tasked with ensuring the production needs of various sites are met through inbound and outbound cargo movements, the marine logistics professional must maintain clear visibility into emerging business requirements at all times. With VIP, marine logistics professionals can instantly view and manage standardized VC Ins created by the production planning function from one, centralized location. This eliminates data gaps and empowers marine logistics professionals to work as proactively as possible.

Platform Highlights
  • View standardized VC Ins for Stock Transfers, Trades, and Purchase Orders as they are created by production planners.
  • Access important details and specifications about cargo, company or site, date, vessel, and more.
  • Receive alerts for changes or new VC Ins to support efficient and effective planning.

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Maintain Direct Line Illustration

Simplify the complex nominations process.

The nominations process is a complex balancing act between business requirements and supply chain costs. Through VIP’s standardized forms and dynamic chartering workspace, marine logistics professionals can instantly generate standardized communications that can be used to send nominations to multiple carriers.

Marine Logistics Simplify Complex Nominations

Platform Highlights
  • Support a full range of contract types, including TCs, VCs, COAs, and more.
  • Structure the nomination process with standardized data that can be used to instantly compose carrier emails.

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Standardize voyage planning workflows.

When a nomination is locked in, the work has only begun as the marine logistics professional manages the vessel vetting process, coordinates port activities, and shares voyage instructions with a diverse range of counterparties, including terminals, carriers, agents, and more. Using VIP, marine logistics professionals can centrally view important vessel data, harness standardized forms to accelerate planning, and focus their efforts using integrated Tasks & Alerts.

Platform Highlights
  • View each vessel’s vetting status, previous cargoes, and inspection requirements in one, centralized location.
  • Enter and disseminate voyage instructions to a full range of counterparties.
  • Surface and prioritize key action items with built-in Tasks & Alerts.

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Manage cargo and costs throughout the voyage.

When the voyage begins to transport cargo across the ocean, marine logistics professionals must remain actively engaged. By providing standardized updates on ETA, weather, voyage activities, and other events that impact supply chain costs and timelines, VIP enables marine logistics professionals to effectively align downstream stakeholders and processes while controlling expenses.

Platform Highlights
  • Gain access to standardized updates for cargo movements at sea.
  • Access a dynamic, up-to-date P&L that highlights the cost impact of voyage activities.
  • Align downstream processes and stakeholder expectations with changing ETAs.

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With the cloud, you have an open platform that provides optionality. You have the best freight and fleet management system–the Veson IMOS Platform–at the core, which then integrates with different applications that you need for specific functions or data feeds. What you end up with is the best blend of systems for your use cases, which is more unique and robust than any one system you can find in the market.

–Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology & Digital Strategy, Western Bulk

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