It’s no secret that cloud computing has become a way of life for enterprises across sectors. Industries like banking and biotech have been moving core enterprise functions to the cloud for well over a decade. In the maritime space, however, the move to the cloud has been characteristically cautious; as other sectors moved the needle on the development of cloud technology, the maritime industry remained focused on moving the world’s freight.

Today, cloud solutions are widely recognized as superior to their on-premise counterparts across numerous characteristics—including business continuity, efficiency, flexibility, and even security. Meanwhile, data abounds in the maritime space, and ship operators and charterers alike are challenged to navigate a wave of digitalization that promises improved efficiency and profitability for those who are able to transform their businesses by leveraging data to advance decision-making.

Veson Nautical’s Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) is the first solution to bring the benefits of cloud to life for commercial marine freight and fleet management. Veson has a track record of pairing leading-edge innovation with a pragmatic understanding of maritime realities to transform every part of our clients’ businesses. Since the introduction of our VIP solution in 2017, Veson has been instrumental in leading the industry’s movement to the cloud, helping hundreds of maritime organizations realize the benefits of a web solution in the maritime space.

Whether you’re already an IMOS client or have yet to make the journey with Veson, following are five things you should know about VIP:

It evolves with you.

In today’s dynamic industry, organizations are set apart by their ability to remain consistently ahead of the evolving digitalization curve. That’s why VIP provides immediate access to 500+ new feature and capability releases each year, maximizing solution relevance and return on investment. These features are deployed on a continuous basis and tested automatically, reducing IT costs, freeing up client resources, and eliminating the gap between feature release and delivery dates.

It fits right in.

Your commercial maritime solution must live and interact with other business-critical tools throughout your organization. VIP’s built-in Platform API accelerates integration and enables seamless data-sharing across systems and counterparties, providing scalable, bi-directional data access for master data, system connection, reports, and other Platform elements.

It’s accessible, anywhere you are.

VIP empowers users to work with greater agility and more complete access than ever before. With just a web browser, users can access Platform information immediately, without the need for Citrix and other remote access applications. A modern cloud application, VIP enables new and innovative approaches to enhance user experience, including the ability to free users from their workstations by enabling on-the-go access.

It performs at the pace of business.

Designed to enable today’s fast-moving maritime enterprises, VIP offers rapid performance across a number of operational tasks. VIP’s performance is nothing short of revolutionary for an operation that has not yet embraced a digital solution, but it also provides a substantial business boost for one that is converting from on premise IMOS to the cloud. In fact, a series of sample transactions between IMOS and VIP demonstrated a performance improvement of 40% when saving a voyage, 74% when opening the voyage list, and 88% when opening the port schedule. This enhanced performance cuts down lag time and manual data entry, enabling organizations to capitalize on market opportunities and make more profitable business decisions.

It is the industry standard.

Today, Veson supports over 14 thousand users, more than half of whom are currently using VIP in their day-to-day operations. Since VIP’s introduction in 2017, one in two IMOS users has journeyed to the cloud, and all new clients are implementing the VIP offering. With a diverse client community that includes 300+ of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of marine freight, Veson is uniquely positioned to lead the industry’s movement to the cloud and lay the groundwork for a standard digital language spanning maritime’s many systems and stakeholders.

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management. Built on the robust business logic that has earned the trust of the world’s largest operators and cargo producers since 2003, the Platform pairs proven maritime workflows with modern architecture and advanced technological capabilities; situating the solution to propel businesses forward through the tide of digitalization.