Safety, cargo handling, cleaning data and more at your fingertips

When there’s no margin for error there’s no room for compromise

Smoothing fleet operations for tanker owners and operators

When you need complete, error-free and up-to-date information, enables every vessel in your fleet to handle valuable, volatile and hazardous cargoes in the safest way possible.

Instantly access the information needed for crews to turn around as quickly as possible while observing all aspects required to maximize operational safety.

Milbros powerful search features take you straight to commodities to see physical properties; and impartially search for cleaning chemicals, manufacturers and suppliers. USCG Compatibility Chart information lets you instantly see which cargoes can be carried safely together aboard chemical vessels.

With Milbros, you enjoy absolute confidence that your fleet is equipped with the best safety information tool available to the shipping industry.

Efficiency in all parts and at every level

Tanker fleet operations is one of the most challenging areas of any business; some of the largest moving objects ever built; multi-million assets; valuable, volatile and hazardous cargoes. It’s competitive and margins can be tight. You need efficiency in all parts, at every level of your operational process. Capping it all is the over-riding requirement for safety at every point of handling and changing over cargo types, loading, unloading and cleaning.

Working from multiple sources of information is time consuming, brings the potential for information gaps and the chance of mistakes. With potentially disastrous consequences for the crew, the vessel and the environment should something go wrong, it is essential to have access to the most up-to-date industry standard data on-demand. puts the information you need and the expertise you trust at your fingertips, enabling shipboard operations to be carried out as efficiently as possible. With Milbros, a comprehensive set of information enables tanker ops to be conducted without wasting time.

The core groups of reference information provided by Milbros are:

  • Commodity Information
  • Cargo/Coating Compatibility
  • Regulatory/Statutory Data
  • Tank Cleaning Guides
  • Health and Safety
  • Booking List
  • Document library, automation, conversion calculator and email integration

The system enables all aspects of cargo handling to be carried out in accordance with all applicable guidelines and compliance requirements, making sure you maximize safety.

Safety, cargo handling and cleaning data for all your needs

Complete information for safer loading, unloading and cleaning

  • From/To Tank Cleaning Recommendations
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Regulatory Data (IBC Code Product Names)
  • GESAMP Profiles
  • Prior Cargo Lists (FOSFA, NIOP, EU, CIQ and Kosher)
  • Specifications and Cargo Handling
  • Coating Resistancy (Stainless, Zinc, Epoxy)
  • USCG Compatibility Groups & Exceptions
  • Heating Requirements
  • Inerting/N2 Requirements
  • Safety/Emergency Information
  • PPE Recommendations
  • Chemicals’ Physical Properties

Great features to save time and maximize profitability

  • Access information from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Create Booking Lists
  • Stowage Plan
  • Tank Plan Diagram
  • Export Reports
  • Advanced Search
  • Corporate Documents
  • Documents Library
  • Interactive USCG Compatibility Chart
  • Conversion Calculator
  • Cargo Update Notifications
  • Favorite Cargos, Coatings & Cleaning Chemicals
  • Print/Email/Export Functionality
  • Private Notes & Documents

Complete confidence in cargo handling with Milbros

Shipping industry companies like yours are enjoying the benefits of Our subscribers trust its comprehensive information and powerful features to help them save time, reduce costs and maximize safety. To discover more about how helps you to do a better job, simply register today to gain access to information on 13,587 commodities and related cargo handling information.