Whether you’re a dry bulk tonnage charterer or vessel owner, you’ve likely felt the effects of complex and ever-changing market dynamics, including sanctions, volatility, decarbonization, and intense competition. Navigating these realities is all the more complex without a shared vessel information standard, which has not yet been universally embraced by dry bulk shipping organizations.

That’s why we developed Q88 Dry. As the industry standard for dry bulk information management, Q88 Dry builds upon Q88’s legacy of excellence in information management while reflecting dry bulk’s unique realities. Q88 Dry empowers stakeholders on both sides of the dry bulk freight contract to collect and share critical vessel information in a standardized, streamlined way while unlocking tangible business benefits.

Read on to explore five ways Q88 Dry instantly makes life easier for our clients.

1. It allows you to store vessel information in one, central location.

Access is key when it comes to making the most of vessel information. Q88 Dry enables stakeholders to store all relevant details centrally and conveniently within its questionnaire module. In turn, dry bulk charterers and owners alike can access and update the information they need seamlessly, without the need to sort through disparate systems and data sources. By providing a standard questionnaire and supporting automatic completion, Q88 Dry also mitigates dependence on manual data entry. In addition, users can request the addition of new questionnaires from within the platform to keep everything in the same place.

2. It empowers users to easily communicate and share information.   

Siloed and inaccessible data is a chief obstacle to informed and effective decision making. With data in one place, dry bulk stakeholders can seamlessly share information in real time with other colleagues and business partners to ensure alignment and foster collaboration. In addition, the solution streamlines communication amongst charterers, brokers, and agents with anytime, anywhere information, seamless email sharing, and accessibility from mobile devices.

3. It helps you establish a single source of truth.

In addition to the unified, contextualized information contained directly within the platform, Q88 Dry delivers native connections with industry-leading software solutions and supports flexible, custom integrations. With little added effort, users can standardize data across all of their internal systems to establish a reliable source of truth for dry bulk vessel information.

4. It supports organizations in upholding compliance.

As regulations and sanctions continue to evolve, the ability to maintain up-to-date certificates and inspections has become even more critical. Within Q88 Dry, users can easily access and update certificates, documents, and inspections, while maintaining detailed historical data and an accurate audit trail. For vessel owners and operators, the Officer Matrix module allows users to keep the officer matrix updated from directly onboard the vessel, even without internet access. Q88 Dry also supports PSC inspections for foreign vessels and cargoes, ensuring continued compliance and accuracy.

5. It delivers the industry standard.

As the industry standard for vessel information management, the data within Q88 Dry is timely, accurate, and regularly updated by vessel owners and operators. Users can rest assured that information in the platform comes straight from the source, enabling them to make better, more accurate vessel decisions. Ultimately, this enables vessel owners to more easily share documentation that demonstrates their competitive edge to charterers. Meanwhile, charterers are empowered to make decisions that meet the needs of their marine supply chain and downstream stakeholders.

How will Q88 Dry transform your business?

Built to make life easier for dry bulk charterers and owners alike, Q88 Dry revolutionizes the way vessel information is managed and shared. By shaping a shared standard for timely and accurate vessel data, Q88 Dry empowers stakeholders to navigate evolving industries realities with greater agility and confidence while strengthening daily decisions here and now.

Are you ready to see what a shared information standard might look like within your organization? Book a free demo to see Q88 Dry in action and discover how the solution can transform your information management approach.