You want to do what voyage?

Shipping today is not what it once was. With refinery closures due to the pandemic, increases in tariffs, new sanctions, and technological advances that provide new and more affordable ways to source oil, the industry has had to transform at an accelerated rate – quicker than it has been historically accustomed to.

Across our industry, tonnage supply is arguably the key driver when making commercial decisions. However, with trade lanes and cargo flows around to globe now changing on a continual basis to meet new market demands, businesses and key decision makers have little-to-no knowledge of these new avenues, therefore are unequipped to make smart and well-informed decisions.

For example, what happens when a client asks for a tonnage list on a new load port? Although it is relatively easy to develop a list for the present day, without the ability to capture a historic data snapshot there are questions left unanswered such as what did that list look like a week ago, or four weeks ago? Are the number of ships today indicative of an over or under supplied situation?

Unknowns such as these create additional pressure and strain on businesses and therefore, people have become more and more reliable on data and technology to help fill in gaps. With access to the right data and data analytics, businesses have the ability to track and optimize key performance indicators and compare past data to enhance efficiency and optimize profits.

Introducing Market Analytics. Helping to identify trends, maximize opportunities, and guide intelligent decisions.

With Q88’s Market Analytics, our customers have the ability to track supply trends over time by analyzing data based on geographic criteria combined with vessel specific data. This will ultimately result in making more informed, intelligent and efficient business decisions empowering you to do more to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, our Market Analytics can:

Help You Prepare for New Trade Lanes – Piggybacking on our comprehensive vessel specification database and utilizing existing Q88 AIS integrations to provide known positions to enhance search criteria, Q88 Market Analytics provides advanced filtering and customization options allowing you to pivot to new trade lanes with confidence.

Ensure Ease of Use – From the moment a user saves a search, Q88 Market Analytics will automatically begin to pull data from the previous 30 days based on the historical position information available. Any previously viewed saved searches done within the last year will also be able to view the 30-day look back. We run these reports automatically, so even if you do not run a list daily, the data will still be collected. This is a time-saving way to assure the whole picture is always available should you need it.

Provide Cost-Effective Solutions – Access to this analytics package is currently included as part of the basic subscription.

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Q88’s Market Analytics is a practical solution that allows data to be leveraged in unique ways that is applicable to specific business needs. According to Fritz Heidenreich, Founder and President of Q88, the company continues to work hard to meet the demands of not only Q88 customers but the industry as a whole.

“The products that Q88 builds are founded on the principal of listening to clients and helping them do their job better in an ever-increasing competitive environment,” says Chris Aversano Product Manager, Q88. Aversano continues, “It is with this ethos that we are giving another tool, analytics, that users can utilize to maximize their business and increase their client satisfaction. What separates us from others, is that users’ analytics are based on their parameters, not dictated by others.”