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Up-to-date and from a good authority

Maritime safety is a serious business and we take pride in Milbros and the role it plays in helping our customers to control risk when handling chemical cargos and cleaning tanks.

For our customers it is business critical. This is not something we take lightly – we step up and accept the responsibility of making sure Milbros remains at the forefront of maritime safety.

To help our customers to continue doing a great job of protecting life and the environment, one of the cornerstones of our approach is keeping our finger on the pulse of maritime chemical transportation safety.

Ultimately, Milbros aims to bring together two key things: The most up-to-date information from a good authority.

Dedicated to chemical cargo safety

Milbros is dedicated to supporting the highest levels of safety for handling chemical cargos. The Milbros team works ceaselessly and there are some important aspects to this that are well worth noting.

CTAC membership of Capt. Soren C. Ibsen, VP – Milbros System

The US Coast Guard is America’s maritime first responder operating under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) provides advice and consultation to the Coast Guard on the water transportation of hazardous materials in bulk.

CTAC’s members are individuals with special interest and expertise. In the core area of shipping, members are respected in the field of chemical transportation with experience and knowledge of vessel operation and design, chemical characteristics and hazards, and port facility operations.

Captain Ibsen’s membership of CTAC as Vice-Chair highlights the authoritative nature of Milbros and the expertise which underpins the information it provides.

A program of regular updates

The system is regularly updated to reflect changes in the operating environment. Whether that’s global changes handed down by regulatory bodies or guidance and advice from a committee on handling a specific cargo, you can be sure that Milbros contains the latest known good information.

As part of our rolling program of updates, the system is continually reviewed to see how it can be improved to add more value and promote higher standards of safety. This has led to the introduction of new features including UV Graphs outlined below.

To make sure the latest information is at the fingertips of Milbros system users, the 2021 changes are now already included under a special tab called IBC Code 2021 which indicates the new carriage requirements for all cargos.

UV Graphs upgrade

The arrival of practical and cost-effective shipboard UV Spectrophotometry testing is set to reduce costs, save time and increase efficiency of cargo changeover processes. In preparation, Milbros was recently upgraded with the UV Graphs feature. This supports on-vessel testing of wash water to identify the level of cleanliness of cargo tanks.

Milbros UV reference graphs benchmark contamination at the 100 parts per million (PPM) standard, allowing an accurate assessment of how clean the cargo tanks are. It’s a simple but effective principle, and it is a feature not found in any comparable system.

Our independence from suppliers

Milbros allows users to search for cleaning chemicals and suppliers without bias. Q88 is not sponsored in any way by the industry to promote cleaning materials or companies that provide cleaning or related services and the Milbros system is completely independent, free from such issues which may represent a commercial conflict of interest.

Milbros is impartial and it should not be confused with other information services provided by cleaning product manufacturers.

Milbros community

Milbros is more than just an information service to support the safe handling of chemical cargos. The system also promotes a culture of safety across the tanker industry community.

Our close connection to the industry enables the Milbros community to benefit from exchanges of the latest updated SDS sheets and input from the experiences of those using the system to safely manage cargo handling.

Milbros lets owner-operators that are subscribed to the system contribute and share comments and information. Such input is tested and reviewed, and where it is appropriate, information is revised by Q88 to improve the advice given.

Up-to-date information on good authority from Milbros

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