Even for the savviest of user, the amount of maritime data produced can be overwhelming. Truth be told, more data is available every day to help make decisions but what remains elusive is the ability for an organization to generate actionable information based on that data. Data can be disorganized and hard to understand, and many struggle to turn it into insights that can be shared across the organization and amongst partners.

There are factors as to why businesses struggle to generate actionable information. One being the types of SaaS solutions in the market. Over the last several years, many solutions have been geared towards vessel operations, resulting in a market that is awash with tools to better serve those persons operating ships. This is a great start. However, the link to the commercial decision-makers is missing. The need to share information across an organization successfully is paramount and silos within companies must be broken.

When you look at the commercial side of the shipping business, often the charterer department needs information from their operators to make critical decisions on the next voyage. In most cases, the system that the chartering team uses is disconnected from their operations leaving a level of uncertainty that the information is up-to-date and accurate. A day or two here and there can result in either a missed voyage or too long of a wait, both of which can have a detrimental and material impact on voyage returns. In today’s challenging environment, it is imperative that owners have complete certainty in their business decisions because wait time can sink voyage returns from marginal to terrible. Never has the saying “time is money” been more valid.

Q88 Pro is a solution that streamlines your data access. Built on a simple idea that no one should have to look too far to find the information they need, Q88Pro was developed for owners, operators, and charterers. It integrates data sources and software with advanced analytics to deliver relevant, timely market insights to have confidence in the decisions you make. It works to break down silos to help the entire organization see a clearer view of the business at large.

Giving users a wider view of the market with relevant and necessary tools.

Customers of Q88Pro can easily compare owned fleets to direct competition and the market at large, and overall, feel more confident in decisions so you can meet sustainability demands, increase efficiency, and get a competitive edge.

Cargos and Fixtures Reporting:
Using data sourced from a 3rd party provider, Q88Pro can provide daily fixture imports so the platform functions as a place where you can store fixtures and access them at the ready. You have the ability to add your own fixtures, integrate historical fixture data, store private fixtures. And, with our new cut-and-paste tool, lessen input time!

Better Accuracy:
With our ability to provide intelligence on busy maritime routes by combining Satellite AIS and T-AIS that cover the earth 24/7, Q88Pro uses multiple AIS sources to improve the accuracy of vessel location so you can feel more confident in the position data.

Better data for better decisions:
Capitalize on analytics and predictive modeling to anticipate conditions and better plan voyages. With these tools, you can track tonnage supply trends over time by analyzing data based on geographical criteria and vessel-specific data, construct supply lists based on your needs with a 30-day look-back of the history of that supply, AND see the next commercial open position.

Using API integrations, Q88Pro can seamlessly and easily integrate with external systems, ensuring that your chartering team and operations team are in synch.

Fritz Heidenreich, Founder and President explains, “From the beginning, our focus was to create tools to make commercially operating vessels more efficient and profitable. I am very excited about this new module as it continues our company focus. Q88 has been a maritime tech innovator for 20 years, and Q88Pro is another example of our commitment to providing shipowners with the intelligence they need to manage the advanced industry demands.”

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