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A sharper business edge for ship broking

Locating the right tonnage quickly for your client is the fundamental goal of the ship broking business. Accelerating this process is certainly a distinct competitive advantage and one that users of the Q88 PL enjoy. However, the benefits of Q88 Position List go beyond speed and convenience.

Q88 Position List makes sharing and collaborating with co-workers and partners exceptionally seamless. This is not limited to when you are at your desk. The Q88 PL APP gives users the ability to share search results on connected mobile devices with clients, co-workers and partners just as easily as being office bound.

This capability is supported by three all-encompassing factors which rings true for all customers, regardless of the markets covered:

  • Independent – Q88 Position List is one of the only truly independent platforms. This system was built from brokers input and with the end user in mind. Many of our improvements since launch are broker driven.
  • Established – Q88 has been a standalone company since 2008. However, many of our relationships with broker clients are long established, extending for 15 years or more. In this day and age, knowing your counter party is integral.
  • Value – The added value that Q88 PL platform brings to brokers is unmatched.  A mobile app, updated public fixtures and unlimited Q88 downloads and more are all included with a subscription, creating exceptional value.

Visionary value from sharing and collaboration

These characteristics reflect one of the views of the visionary behind Q88. Developing Q88’s technology since 1998 and emerging as a standalone in 2008, Fritz Heidenreich was recently quoted on the topic of working with other people and organizations: “Substantial value can be unlocked when users are empowered to share selective information and work collaboratively.”

The quote, which appeared in a feature article in TradeWinds on March 26th, 2019, was regarding the November 2018 deal between Q88 and Seaproc on its e-procurement software, the iMarine technology platform. However, this sentiment is a universal concept that is seen across the Q88 suite of technology platforms.

The inherent value of sharing and collaboration is not limited to Position List; Q88 supports sharing and collaboration where ever it is appropriate across its range of vetting, reporting and commercial management solutions.

Get greater value and a sharper business edge from Q88

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