Does it feel like your valuable VMS data is disappearing into a blackhole?

Are you losing control of your VMS data?

Today, we accept that ‘information is power’. The world is increasingly information driven, with our businesses being dependent on data entered into and generated by digital systems. Many share the opinion that data is the most valuable asset of our businesses.

Perhaps that’s why there might be a sense of unease when your VMS seems to be a bit like a black hole devouring all your valuable data, never to be seen again? How can I get my data back? How can I analyze a particular situation from my historical data? How can I integrate my data with other systems? It might seem like you have very little control.

VMS that puts you firmly in the driving seat with your data

Shipping companies that choose Q88VMS have no such concerns. The platform is designed from the ground up to keep you in the driver’s seat with your own data:

Customize and export every list in the system

With Q88VMS your data is organized in a meaningful way. An app-style navigation ribbon which means you are never more than a single click away from the tool you need in your browser. Q88VMS provide you with a fully customizable list view that provides you with a fast way to find and focus on the items you want to review. All views are exportable into Excel, allowing you to easily create impressive graphs, PowerPoint presentations and more complex analysis.

Easily create and schedule reports for yourself or your team

Q88VMS offers multiple reporting options. These range from simple self-service reports, to complex business intelligence analysis in data cubes and company-wide dashboards. Whatever you need, the platform has a simple way to help you extract valuable insight into your business. All options provide you with the ability to schedule automated reporting that can be distributed to the relevant members of your team or your business partners. Easily export and download your reports in multiple standard formats, including Excel, PDF, and many more.

Create innovative and unique powerful solutions 

Q88VMS includes a comprehensive API that allows your IT team to easily integrate with any of the other systems you use. Combining your data lets you create powerful and unique solutions. API integration provides great opportunities to get more value from your IT investment. You could bring scheduled port calls into your technical management system or show the current positions of vessels on a world map. And what about creating complex reports combining data from multiple sources, or simply storing all your data locally for extra security. The Q88VMS API is a simple door through which you access and control all your data.

Reclaim control of your data with Q88VMS

Of course, the issues around data extend way beyond questions of control. Security, privacy, confidentiality, sovereignty and governance are some of the key areas. With Q88VMS be assured we follow best practice around data issues.

Software is continually updated to the latest architecture for security conformance. Hosting is in a Tier III data centre with appropriate infrastructure to support accelerated application delivery to our global customer base.

All data is protected during internet transmission by using a 2048-bit RSA key and 256-bit encryption. Back up and disaster recovery includes mirroring and replication and is in keeping with data centre Tier III Standards Compliance.

Shipping companies like yours are getting back in the driving seat and taking control of data by switching to Q88VMS. To take a closer look, simply fill in the form below to request a personalized demonstration and product tour. Find out why Q88VMS is the fastest-growing voyage management system on the market.