Ways that Q88 creates Return On Investment

1. Eliminate capital expenditure and cut infrastructure cost

Q88 requires no additional CapEx and has lower initial and ongoing costs than comparable maritime software and information services. This results from our true SaaS business model and cloud architecture. Services are delivered from the cloud, reducing the operating overheads on IT departments. Semi-annual billing cycles, no requirement for server-side hardware and no licensing fees all work to reduce infrastructure costs.

2. Greater flexibility and agility

Using Q88, owners and operators have the ability to reconfigure the solution quickly to accommodate changes to business. As your business grows, there is no need for additional hardware or software purchases. Adapting to change is simply a matter of adding and subtracting users or vessels. Out of the box, Q88 has the flexibility to accommodate one single tanker all the way up to fleets of hundreds of vessels.

3. Fast deployment and collaborative system improvements

ROI from Q88 is achieved more rapidly compared with other maritime software and information services. This results from fast initial deployment with users up and running in as little as one day. System enhancements are made on a continuous, collaborative basis which simplifies the product out of the box, accelerating the deployment process and the learning curve of new users.

4. Manage more vessels with your current resources

With quick access to all pertinent vessel information, system users enjoy a more efficient day.  This enables a focus on productivity and doing the work that enables business growth.

5. Reduce Ship-to-Shore communication costs

By using our offline questionnaire functionality, customers switching to Q88 see savings of up to 90% on the cost of per-MB email communication with ships due to file size compression.

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Q88 is the flagship application from our suite of leading software and information services for the global maritime transportation industry. Request a demo to find out why the world’s leading ship broking companies are choosing Q88.
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