The wave of automation

Automation technologies are becoming ever more important in the business processes of a shipping company. Coupled with the pressure to do more with the same resources, more companies are implementing systems integrations to streamline processes, manage cost and promote efficiency within the organization. Q88 adheres and champions open standards – it’s part of our DNA. Quite simply, this means the capability to integrate our platforms with your other preferred software applications is fully supported by our software platform.

Integrate to obtain more value

Q88 occupies a vital place in a streamlined chartering and vetting process. The information on our platform is regularly used in other business processes and by other systems. Typically, customers share and disseminate information easily and directly from Many also make use of our integration options to obtain further value from their subscription as well as the other systems they favor.

Q88 offers a rich library of web services aimed at facilitating integration of the information you manage on our platform. The library includes methods for retrieving certificates, questionnaires, inspection, observations, officer matrices, mooring diagrams and tank plan diagrams to mention a few. Q88 also offers several third-party integrations with other industry leading players. Some examples of these integrations are:

  • OCIMF – Hassle-free uploading of your officer matrix directly to OCIFM
  • DNV-GL Navigator Port – seamlessly publish certificates from Navigator Port to Q88

Ride the wave of automation with Q88

For shipping companies seeking to move their digital transformation strategies forward, simplifying manual and laborious business processes with software automation using Q88 is an easy win.

Increasing numbers of companies like yours choose to manage certification, vetting and automate questionnaire completion with Q88. If you are interested in integrating your in-house and third-party systems with Q88, simply contact us for more information.