Truly independent, long established and exceptional value

The preference for tried and trusted technologies

In these days of fast-moving technology, new products and services come and go. Often, they quickly launch on a wave of optimism but then some of them disappear over the horizon just as fast. It’s a sign of our times that this phenomenon matches up with our ‘throwaway’ world where there is so much focus on fast moving consumer trends.

The shipping industry, on the other hand, takes a long view and choosing tried and trusted technologies that have stood the test of time is really the only game in town. When seeking new solutions to fit with digital transformation strategies and to sharpen up operations, shipping companies select names that are long standing, and which have gained industry respect over time.

A rich industry heritage

Q88 Position List is gaining new subscribers fast. Of course, the ease of use, portability and follow the sun support that are just some of the many features that attract users.  But that is not the only reason. Clients look to Q88 because it matches the shipping industry’s preference for permanence and heritage – established, tried and trusted companies and technologies. Here is what Q88 separates from the pack:

  • Independent – Q88 Position List is one of the only truly independent platforms. This system was built from brokers input and with the end user in mind. Many of our improvements since launch are broker driven.
  • Established – Q88 has been a standalone company since 2008. However, many of our relationships with broker clients are long established, extending for 15 years or more. In this day and age, knowing your counter party is integral.
  • Value – The added value that Q88 PL platform brings to the brokers is unmatched.  A mobile app, updated public fixtures and unlimited Q88 downloads and more are all included with a subscription, creating exceptional value.

Make fixtures faster with accurate, real time information

In the fast-moving world of tanker brokering there is a need for 24/7 operational capability, with brokers needing to have the latest information to hand. The Q88 Position List provides speed and accuracy. With Q88, you save time and easily maintain consistently high-quality information. This accelerates the administrative processes that underpin efficient broking and the ability to make the most profitable fixtures.

Increasing numbers of competitive brokers are turning to Q88’s Tanker Broker Position List to get more accurate information.

  • Laycan – instantly find the right vessels that can make it
  • Intake calculator – cater for draft restrictions for ports
  • AIS mapping technology – accurate vessels tracking, now with two providers
  • Distance calculations – accurate distances for better voyage time estimates
  • Fixtures – record your fixtures and see market fixtures

The Q88 Position List puts the information you need at your fingertips, to help you fix faster.

Truly independent, long established and exceptional value from Q88

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