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Tank cleaning efficiency not available from any comparable system

Milbros has always provided complete, reliable and up-to-date information to enable tanker fleet operators to make sure every vessel handles valuable, volatile and hazardous cargoes in the safest way possible.

Q88 is now really proud to say that we have made it even better! We’ve improved Milbros with the addition of UV Graphs which support on-vessel testing of wash water to identify the level of cleanliness of cargo tanks.

Advances in the development of UV Spectrophotometry equipment now make it practical and cost effective for testing to be carried out aboard each vessel. Wash water from the cleaning process is analyzed using ship-board UV Spectrophotometer equipment to plot the level of contamination in the tank’s wash water from the previous cargo on a graph.

This is compared against Milbros UV Graphs which benchmark contamination at the 100 parts per million (PPM) standard, allowing an accurate assessment of how clean the cargo tanks are. It’s a simple but effective principle, and it is a feature that is not available from any comparable system.

Chemical tanker cleaning transformed!

Over the next year it is likely that ship-board UV Graph testing is going to become the industry-standard for determining the cleanliness of chemical cargo tanks. Like many of the best ideas, UV Spectrophotometer wash water testing of chemical cargo tankers has enormous benefits which transform cleaning, translating into time and money saving efficiencies. These include:

  • Significantly reduces tank cleaning time and the potential for over-cleaning using conventional cleaning recipes
  • A significant reduction with the potential to eliminate the need for very high risk ‘Confined Space Entry’ of tanks by crew members or surveyors
  • Lower fuel consumption, resulting in reduced bunker costs and CO2 emissions across entire fleets
  • Optimized cleaning processes, reducing the consumption and cost of chemical cleaning agents
  • Reduced need for retention of tank cleaning residues on board
  • Ability to evaluate the cleanliness of the entire cargo containment system including pumps and pipelines that cannot be easily inspected
  • Improved cargo quality through reduced contamination by previous cargoes
  • Reductions in port time when wash water testing is accepted in place of visual and/or wallwash inspections by load port surveyors

To prevent erroneous tests that do not accurately reflect the residual contamination levels in a single wash water sample, Milbros UV Graphs let you compare up to seven samples with the 100ppm standard at once.

With over 70 UV Graphs for the most popular chemical cargoes that are compatible with UV Spectrophotometry water testing, a continual program of updates is expected to increase the number of 100ppm UV graphs to at least 200 within a year.

All standard features plus UV Graph wash water testing for Milbros Premium subscribers

Of course, Milbros continues to offer instant access to the information needed for crews to turn around as quickly as possible while observing all aspects required to maximize operational safety.

Milbros powerful search features take you straight to commodities to see physical properties; and impartially search for cleaning chemicals, manufacturers and suppliers. USCG Compatibility Chart information lets you instantly see which cargoes can be carried safely together aboard chemical vessels.

With Milbros, you enjoy absolute confidence that your fleet is equipped with the best safety information tool available to the shipping industry.

The core groups of reference information provided by Milbros are:

  • Commodity Information
  • Cargo/Coating Compatibility
  • Regulatory/Statutory Data
  • Tank CleaningGuides
  • Health and Safety
  • Booking List
  • Document library, automation, conversion calculator and email integration

The system enables all aspects of cargo handling to be carried out in accordance with all applicable guidelines and compliance requirements, making sure you maximize safety.

Safety, cargo handling, cleaning data and more at your fingertips

  • From/To Tank Cleaning Recommendations
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Regulatory Data (IBC Code Product Names)
  • GESAMP Profiles
  • Prior Cargo Lists (FOSFA, NIOP, EU, CIQ and Kosher)
  • Specifications and Cargo Handling
  • Coating Resistancy (Stainless, Zinc, Epoxy)
  • USCG Compatibility Groups & Exceptions
  • Heating Requirements
  • Inerting/N2 Requirements
  • Safety/Emergency Information
  • PPE Recommendations
  • Chemicals’ Physical Properties

Great features to save time and maximize profitability

  • Access information from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Create Booking Lists
  • Stowage Plan
  • Tank Plan Diagram
  • Export Reports
  • Advanced Search
  • Corporate Documents
  • Documents Library
  • Interactive USCG Compatibility Chart
  • Conversion Calculator
  • Cargo Update Notifications
  • Favorite Cargos, Coatings & Cleaning Chemicals
  • Print/Email/Export Functionality
  • Private Notes & Documents

Complete confidence in cargo tanker cleaning with Milbros

Shipping industry companies like yours are enjoying the benefits of Our customers trust its comprehensive information and powerful features to help them save time, reduce costs and maximize safety. Now with the added-value of UV Graph wash water testing, Milbros helps Premium Subscribers to do a better job. Simply signup today and gain access to information on 13,653 commodities, related cargo handling information and UV Graphs.