In the ever-changing and highly competitive maritime industry, effective tanker fixture planning is essential for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. To make informed decisions, the chartering department needs a full view of when and where tonnage will be available within their own fleet as well as tonnage movements in the broader market. This level of insight requires real-time updates from other departments within the organization, specifically operations, as well as accurate market intelligence on global tonnage supply. To meet this need for greater optimization in voyage planning, charterers are turning to powerful tools that offer strategic visibility into company and market positions, real-time data insights, and seamless communication between departments.

Q88 Pro is one of these solutions, offering advanced analytics and strategic information sharing with unparalleled flexibility. Further, a native integration with the Veson IMOS Platform helps provide charterers with the contextual information they need and operators with an easier way to share updates. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of having a specialized solution for understanding tonnage supply which is natively integrated with your core commercial platform.

Strategic Visibility and Flexibility for Next-Level Chartering

There are many elements that enable informed decisions when fixing a voyage, be it in the spot market or for time charter. When these elements, like vessel availability and location, market data, and more, are scattered across disparate systems, communication channels, and processes, charterers can easily spend much of their time trying to fit all the pieces together. A built-for-purpose chartering position list and fixture planning solution like Q88 Pro is designed to simplify and streamline the pre-fixture process, empowering charterers with a big picture view to make the most optimal decisions.

Built with input from clients and industry knowledge, Q88 Pro provides a comprehensive view of company and market positions from a single, central access point. Charterers can easily share critical information across teams to keep the entire global department up to date and ensure the organization isn’t competing against itself or using out of date information. These positions, bolstered by AIS position data and searchable position list views, allow charterers to easily compare their fleet and operations with the competition and market at large. Additionally, Q88 Pro’s fast setup, user-friendly interface, and best-in-class client service makes it easy to take your chartering to the next level.

Connecting Chartering and Operations

The ongoing effectiveness of your chartering decisions is contingent on the quality of the internal feedback loop between operations and chartering teams. Operations teams hold important and time sensitive information about vessels already employed that are extremely valuable to chartering teams. Opening the flow of information between these two departments, and across geographic locations, is crucial for the organization’s overall success.

Q88 Pro is the only chartering position list tool that natively integrates into the Veson IMOS Platform, creating a seamless ecosystem that empowers charterers with contextual insights directly from the source: your own internal data and teams. This integration bridges the gap between chartering and operations departments, facilitating efficient communication and real-time data exchange. The seamless synergy between Q88 Pro and Veson IMOS Platform elevates the chartering experience, allowing you to unlock new levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

A Cohesive Source of Truth

The Q88 Pro-Veson IMOS Platform integration reflects a key focus in the evolution of Veson, uniting key solutions into a cohesive source of truth for maritime organizations. By combining Q88 Pro’s strategic visibility with the robust capabilities of the Veson IMOS Platform, you can gain access to real-time insights and advanced analytics, facilitating informed decision-making. This holistic approach empowers you to navigate the complexities of the maritime market with confidence, aligning chartering planning and operations seamlessly. As the maritime landscape continues to evolve, the unified power of Veson’s suite of solutions and strategic partnerships helps ensure that you remain connected and well informed, driving efficiency, sustainability, and your unique competitive edge. To learn more, we invite you to speak with one of our experts.