For years, research has continuously shown that less than 30% of companies succeed in digital transformation. But today, the coronavirus pandemic has given the world no choice. In fact, it has challenged businesses globally to examine processes in a new way, and in many cases, evolve their digital transformation efforts.

The shipping industry is no different. Having accurate and up to date information that is easily accessible to employees (both on or offshore) is key, and ensuring data security is of utmost importance. But how are companies in the maritime shipping industry doing that today, and for those that are, are they doing it well? Truth be told, compared to other industries the maritime industry as a whole has lagged behind.

However, there is encouraging news. Right now, we’re seeing an exciting digital transformation revolution within the shipping industry with mobile apps and cloud technology becoming more and more integrated with business practices. And facing new challenges due to the pandemic, we do expect that trend to continue.

By leveraging digital technologies, the maritime industry will realize the benefits of improved data quality and efficient data transfer, improving the speed and reliability of critical compliance data.

So why should your company digitally transform?

Better Access to Information: Real-time cloud-based connectivity allows for streamlined processes, workflows, and is key for remote staff. Less manual workflow leads to time-saving, which leads to increased ROI.

Better Use of Information: By mining the data that is available, companies can improve insights that lead to better decision making. Efficient and transparent data will enable safer, compliant and more reliable operations.

Focus on What’s Important: With improved accessibility and workflows, you can focus on what matters most – optimizing and growing your business.

Today, with business changing at the speed of tomorrow, digital transformation is a must for any company. And with the right tools, it can bring real-time benefits and revenue growth for companies.