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d’Amico International Shipping S.A. (DIS) is the d’Amico division operating in the Product Tanker sector, listed since 2007 on the Milan Stock Exchange. It has a modern fleet specialized in the transport of refined petroleum products, serving the main petroleum companies and trading companies. Endorsing MARPOL/IMO* regulations, the Company can also transport vegetable oil and other chemical products. With chartering and operations offices in strategic locations such as Dublin, London, Singapore and USA, DIS offers a unique 24/7 client service.





Watch our conversation with Nevio Biagini, ICT Manager at d’Amico Shipping Group, below, or scroll down to read the full transcript.


Navio Biagini
ICT Manager
d’Amico Shipping Group

My name is Nevio Biagini. I am a business account manager in d’Amico and involved in applications since the last 36 years.

How has the relationship with Veson grown since first using our product?
We started with with Veson, with IMOS, in 2017 and since then we also migrated to VIP in 2020. That was very important for us in order to have a more reliable platform, more reliable way of delivering the system to our clients. Then we also started with the basic modules of IMOS and we integrated with some other modules, among them Trade Hub, and other ones that are enriching the offer from Veson.

What improvements and accomplishments have you been able to achieve since partnering with Veson?
The efficiency that improved was especially in the voyage planning. It was easier to make a voyage plan. We finally were able to calculate efficiently KPIs, and also help the monthly reporting for ISO requirements. All the reporting stuff that we need to do monthly, quarterly, and yearly. This helped the overall company and helped also the closure process that we have to make every month, or every quarter.

How does Veson fit into your strategy to address emerging industry requirements like EU ETS?
For us, it’s very important because in this period, we have a lot of change in regulation. We have a lot of change in new rules, new things that in our industry we were not used to. Having a partner like Veson who adapts very, very quickly and responds to the needs of the market is fundamental for us.

“The efficiency that improved was especially in the voyage planning. It was easier to make a voyage plan. We were finally able to calculate efficiently KPIs and also helping the monthly reporting for ISO requirements, all the reporting stuff that we need to do monthly, quarterly and yearly. This helped the overall company and the closure process we have to make every month or every quarter.”

What’s an important industry trend impacting d’Amico right now? How are you tackling this challenge / opportunity?
I already mentioned the regulations, which are, let’s say, one of the most important new things in the industry. But of course, we in the past years, we faced the pandemic. Now we are facing war situations and that’s very important for us to have someone we can rely on. We have a lot of new things coming in both in the market, and in the world around us and having someone who, on which we can rely, on which we can discuss, on which we can have an open discussion and open conversation. That’s fundamental also.

How do you see the role of collaborative and transparent data sharing evolving in the coming years?
The shipping market has always been a very secretive market. And let’s say we are becoming a regular industry like everyone else in the world. But this is something new for us. It is new for all the actors in the shipping market and feeling that we have in the background the help of a system that assist us in fulfilling regulation, fulfilling the needs of the company, it’s paramount. Communicating, collaborating, is the most important part of the job. And then we need systems that help us in collaborating within the company, but also outside the company with third parties, integrating third party systems. That’s a very important piece of the system that we require both from Veson and also from other partners.

“Having a partner like Veson who adapts very quickly and respond to the needs of the market is fundamental for us.”

What’s the main reason you would recommend our products and services?
You are market leaders. What else? You are the best on the market right now probably. I’m pretty sure you are. You are the leader. So as I was telling you before, the speed in our industry is fundamental. So having a partner who adapts quickly at the speed that we need, that’s that’s value added. We are very happy of the performance, very happy of the interaction of the team upon our requests, and that’s in an evolving market, in a market that requires speed and quick time of interaction, that’s important.

It’s important to have someone on which we can rely, who is replying in a timely manner and the way we are expecting to answer. We could have a simple supplier customer relationship, but this would not make any sense for us. We need a partnership. This is what we feel with Veson. We feel we are partners with Veson. We are collaborating. We are giving you information. We are giving you our feeling of the market, and we receive back also your way of seeing how to configure this in a system.

The Veslink network is something that is growing, in which we are growing the usage and it is a very, very powerful tool. It’s the relationship; the very good quality of the relationship and considering you as a partner rather than a supplier.

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