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Eagle Bulk Shipping is a US-based fully integrated shipowner-operator engaged in the global transportation of drybulk commodities. Eagle focuses exclusively on the mid-size drybulk vessel segment and owns one of the largest fleets of Suprama/Ultramax ships in the world.

The company operates under an ‘active management’ strategy for fleet employment, with the objective of optimizing revenue performance and maximizing earnings on a risk-adjusted basis. Through the execution of various commercial strategies employed across their global trading desks in the US, Europe, and Asia, Eagle has been able to achieve improved timecharter equivalent (or “TCE”) rates and outperform the relevant market index (Baltic Supramax Index) on a consistent basis.





“It’s hard to say just one technology is going to change the entire maritime industry,” commented Joyce Wang, Business Application Manager at Eagle Bulk Shipping, “but I have to say the most significant one is definitely digital technology.”

An innovative dry bulk shipowner-operator, Eagle Bulk believes that investment in technology improves understanding of key decisions, enhances collaboration, and yields meaningful business results. The company sees the impact digital tools have already had on the maritime industry, and intends to position itself to succeed and lead in an increasingly digital world.

“Digital transformation is a big deal in the maritime industry,” continued Wang, “Going forward, there is going to be a lot more new technology for data automation, so there will be a lot more manual work cut out that will save our time and efforts.”

Eagle Bulk first implemented Veson’s Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) in 2010. As their global business has evolved, the company’s Veson solution has evolved with them.

In 2018, Eagle Bulk made the decision to advance digital transformation within their workflows by migrating to the innovative, cloud based Veson IMOS Platform (VIP). “VIP has been something that we felt was a long time coming,” says Marc Radulovic, Senior Operations Manager at Eagle Bulk. “I think one of the biggest things that we have been focusing on as a company is how to evolve and how to integrate more systems for sharing of information and data.”

Transition to Veson IMOS Platform has enabled stronger connectivity, collaboration, and efficiency for Eagle Bulk, which translates into sustainable growth and a competitive edge for the business. Following a thorough implementation plan managed by a dedicated team of Veson Nautical consultants, the migration took place after working hours of the Stamford headquarters, and it was done before Eagle’s Singapore office opened.

Live on the Veson IMOS Platform for over a year, Eagle has derived real value from the modern solution. Moving from a hosted system to a web-based system has created a single center of data for Eagle, with real-time data seamlessly integrated and aggregated onto one screen for unparalleled visibility into historical trends, future market opportunities, and side-by-side comparisons. This data automation and visualization allows the company to make business decisions quickly and accurately. As digitization continues to permeate the maritime industry, Eagle Bulk is confident in its ability to translate upcoming industry challenges into profitable opportunities through partnership with Veson Nautical.

“Veson has been a key part of our day to day operations for almost 10 years now. I’ve been involved with Veson at Eagle and at previous companies. I’ve also seen Veson’s competitors and I’ve worked with them in the past, and I’m quite confident to say that Veson is by far leaps and bounds compared to the competition.”

Marc Radulovic, Senior Operations Manager, Eagle Bulk Shipping

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