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NORDEN delivers relevant freight products to its many customers worldwide while simultaneously trading both its freight position and assets. With a rich history and a dedication to innovation, NORDEN strives to constantly develop and refine its business model to cater to customer needs and a volatile world. The company is purpose driven and dedicated to enabling smarter global trade.


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NORDEN, one of Denmark’s oldest internationally operated shipping companies, is on a mission to enable smarter global trade. The organization focuses on delivering relevant freight products to their global customers while also trading both their freight position and assets. To live out their mission, NORDEN calls on both its rich maritime history and its future-forward dedication to continuous innovation.

As an early adopter of both Veson Nautical’s legacy IMOS system in 2012 and the cloud based Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) in 2019, NORDEN has remained on the front lines of digitalization in maritime shipping. But for NORDEN, it takes more than just technology adoption to advance and refine the business.

“When we first started out, IMOS was just a system to us,” commented Christian Vinther Christensen, COO at NORDEN. “Now, directed by our strategic goals and infused with our unique blend of knowledge and integrated data sources, VIP is the most important facilitator of our many data-driven decisions. With more in-depth insights, we can be more effective in optimizing our operations, considering our emissions footprint, understanding what the market is doing, and more.”

With NORDEN now crunching about 9.5 billion data points every single day (up 50% in 12 months), it is more important than ever that their global teams are equipped to make the most out of their systems and data.

“We foster a strong culture, with two of our core values being ambition and empathy,” said Christensen. “As we embrace digitalization to improve our decisions, it is also important for us to invest in knowledge building tools that support our teams and prepare them for further transformation.”

To this end, NORDEN has adopted maritime education portal Veson University Enterprise (VUE) to deepen and standardize system knowledge across their workforce. Learn more about why and how NORDEN is prioritizing continuous learning in this case study.

Case Study

NORDEN Case Study


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